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Anal play may be somewhat stigmatized, but many people enjoy it. It is popular both among BDSM practitioners and vanilla people, regardless of their sexual orientation. The broad array of anal toys the ever-thriving market offers is evidence enough to support that claim. Aside from anal be, butt plugs are the most in-demand item in this category. They are available in various des, shapes, and sizes. However, the most important criterion on which you should base your choice on is the material.

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Here's a quick, straight fact about why anal sex is better: the anus is tighter than the vagina. And while there seems to be a myriad of sex positions and foreplay, having more options is always a better idea. Unfortunately, many conservative partners shy away on anal sex for a lot of reasons. Lucky for you, you beg to disagree, that's why you're here in the first place!

Glass butt plug

To be fair, any type of penetration--whether it's vaginal or anal--is a good feeling. But butt plugs are made for a reason: it's so that you don't just slide whatever thing in and out of that opening. You need something permanent in there. The combination of a tapered tip and a flat handle which acts as a stopper at the end is a permanent solution to a temporary dilemma.

You or your partner can play with it while it's in or just opt to keep it in while getting busy with the rest of your body, which can cause multiple stimulations.

But what's so special about glass butt plugs? Maybe you've been using silicone and metal for a while, and you need a change of material. If silicone provides comfort and flexibility while metal is rougher on anal penetration What is it for? Who is it for? Let us answer that last question right now: it's for everyone.

Glass butt plugs

Glass butt plugs combine art and aesthetic with pleasure at the same time. The high-quality glass used to make our butt plugs make them hard to break but easy on the ass. A smoother surface than the silicone guarantees a more comfortable penetration, better control, and easier maneuvering. Similar to the rest of our butt plugs here, glass also comes in different sizes, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred size depending on your needs and experience.

What makes glass butt plugs so aesthetically pleasing to the eye? If you've browsed upon this collection, you can be sure of one thing--most if not all of them are transparent. Transparency is the key for a front row seat to the view inside your partner's anus.

What anal sex toy will grant you access to that? Glass butt plugs not only come in transparent clear. Like silicone, these are available in different attractive colors to choose from: we have playful pink, beckoning blue, provocative purple, and many more. And if clear is not your thing which is too badour glass butt plugs also come in opaque colors. To add even more kinkiness to the act, invest in a glass butt plug with an attached tail made from fur to boost your confidence and add more fun to the bedroom!

And last but not least, we also have anal be crafted from the same high-quality glass material for a more stimulating experience. Stuff them all in and feel each bead wiggle inside.

Butt plugs made of glass?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to glass anal sex toys, it's up to you to choose whether or not you'll introduce these to your collection. Are you ready to open up a wider range of possibilities to add more steam in your hot nights? The first thing we should probably talk about is exactly what your glass plugs are made of.

This largely comes down the exact materials used in the making process. Glass used on things like buildings especially tall ones and car windows needs to be much, much tougher to withstand the forces constantly acting on them. What does this have to do with butt plugs though? Well, essentially the main point is that the stronger the type of glass used to make your plug, the less likely it is to break. There are however a couple of types of glass you can look out for, as they tend to be a much better quality.

These are Pyrex and borosilicate. Borosilicate is the most ideal as it can withstand much higher temperatures without shattering so you can safely plunge these into boiling water and get them nice and sterile between uses. The manufacturer who makes the Pyrex kitchen products tend to use borosilicate glass in Europe, but in America, they use soda-lime glass which stands up to much less punishment.

A lot of plugs are advertised as Pyrex. If you want to know for sure you can contact them directly and ask them exactly what goes into their glass.

This is important because boiling a soda-lime plug can quickly lead to it shattering. Annealing is the process of heating glass to a certain temperature to release any stresses from the surface. Usually, this is done in a kiln as the temperatures needed can be several hundred degrees Celsius! When glass is properly annealed, it should be much stronger.

When cleaning your butt plugs you should try to make sure that the product can withstand boiling, as large and rapid temperature changes are one of the most common reasons for glass to shatter. If you have an annealed soda-lime plug, for example, you should probably start by using warm water to clean it and gradually build your way up to hot water to avoid a rapid change in temperature. For the most part, yes.

I have done extensive research myself and found no evidence of a butt plug shattering while someone is wearing it. There are two things that are most likely things to happen. One is that the stem will eventually snap as this is one of the smaller, more stressed areas of glass, and the more you use your plug, the more stressed this will become. The other is that gradual wear and tear will lead to cracks or chips in the surface of the plug.

Prisms molten wide glass anal plug clear

You should ALWAYS thoroughly check your plug over before and after use and if you notice any of these areas of damage the stop using it straight away and buy a new one. Some glass will come in many different colors. Sometimes they will have decals and decorations on them to make them look pretty. Some manufacturers will not actually use colored glass. They can use lusters, sheens, or even metallic coatings to cover the clear glass in their chosen color.

They can be highly toxic and may start to wear off while you use your plug. If you want a colored glass butt plug, you want to be sure that it is actually colored glass. If while cleaning your plug you notice any of the color wearing off, dying the water, or flaking off, you need to stop using that plug.

What goes into glass

That same thing could be happening inside your body, and your rectum is adept at absorbing things. Decorations also sometimes take the form of small appendages added onto the surface of the plug, things like flowers or hearts. For the most part, these should be fine if they have been properly melted into the glass. I know I just bombarded you with a ton of information and dangers to glass butt plugs, but ultimately, they are still one of the best, strongest, and most hygienic materials to use in butt plugs.

High quality pyrex and glass plugs. Durable and long lasting!

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