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Post by misha » Mon Dec 03, pm.

Post by Lancer21 » Tue Aug 20, pm. Post by Lancer21 » Sun Aug 25, pm.

While ago I had one GSyear of build, but it was stolen some 10 years ago. So I bought one Messerschmithbuilt in and restore it completely.

After 6 months she was back in life. By the mid-fifties, the Vespa scooter had become a worldwide phenomenon, with one million examples having been built by German Vespa dealers were becoming nervous as e Hoffmann was in financial trouble.

In JanuaryMesserschmitt stood ready to take over the Piaggio for Germany to assure an uninterrupted supply and servicing of the popular scooter. At first, the company assembled their scooters entirely from Italian parts, but by the next year, all components, including body stampings, were of German manufacture, except for the motors.

Announcement: regional meeting of "arbeitskreis historischer schiffbau" and forum "segelschiffsmodellbau" in augsburg / germany on 28th may

To save import tax, all speedometers, lights, saddles, and tires came from local suppliers. Two models were produced side by side, the Touring, with a 5.

Both models shared the same chassis The Touring models were upgraded three times, of which only were made before Messerschmitt pulled out, and the factory continued as Vespa-Augsburg at the end of Re: Messerschmit Vespa Post by Lancer21 » Tue Aug 20, pm Sorry if I'm doing some slight necroposting for my first post on this forum, but I've always found it fascinating, as a huge fan of aviation history, that so many WW2 combat plane manufacturers - Piaggio, Messerschmitt, Heinkel - all reconverted themselves into the light transport industry, with scooters, compact cars etc.

And this model is magnificent, although if I were the one riding it, I'd be afraid to drive it in summer, lest I burn my legs on the scalding hot aluminium surfaces. You've done a fine job.

Many factories convert to wartime production and then retool back to civilian products when the war ends, if the factory is still around Of course, there's a non-negligible factor in the fact that it was a new industry for them to convert their production line to, while other markets were already occupied by other producers that were there before the war, but still, there were many new consumer products after WW2.

They retooled for what the market wanted and could afford. Europe was devastated and most people could not afford cars, but they needed transportation and could afford scooters. BTW, did you restore this one to keep or to sell? Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.