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The brainchild of Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, Bumble was born out of a desire to reinvent the antiquated rules of dating and empower women to control the conversation in both their personal and professional lives. Wolfe's mission was to create an app grounded in positivity and encouragement, where aggression and bullying have no place, and actions are guided by kindness. Her first move was to shake up traditional dating norms by requiring female Bumble users to make the first move.

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Home » Dating » Reviews » Bumble. It is the platform that is focused on shifting the antiquated dynamics of dating and handing the power of choice back to women. The main way this is done is by changing the communication rules so that the woman must like a profile before the profile owner can message them. Many women seem to love Bumble, but we wanted to know if they are using this one feature as a novelty that lets them ignore other features. Listen, we have some problems with Bumble and think that they could improve a few aspects of their app.

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. Bumble has a consumer rating of 1. Consumers complaining about Bumble most frequently mention customer service problems. Bumble ranks th among Dating sites. I love the "women message first" concept that Bumble runs on as a businesswoman who knows exactly what I'm looking for. I met my current boyfriend on here, would never manage that on an app like Tinder.

Glad bumble exists in a time like this. Usual process of when a guy s up, you'll get one tailor-made contact from an incredible woman. This is fake. She'll be gorgeous, have exactly your same interests, and will seem friendly and interested in you. After a few exchanges, her profile will disappear and you'll get no more contacts from her. I think all the online dating services do this to lure in guys. After this, there'll be no more contacts from eligible women. The woke chick who started the app won't even allow users to sort potential matches by race. So you'll be scrolling through countless people you're not interested in.

Theyll delete the photo Woke garbage app. What a horrible experience. I do not recommend. However you as an individual feel, you should never be forced to agree with a companies political views to gain access to a service that you paid for in full. I have cancelled Lots an lots of those onlyfan girls an basically mostly prostitutes.

Starting a conversation asking how their day went with a response of buy my premium or something along the line of asking for credit card information like what? Deleted app after just 1 hour. Like most dating apps girls just scamming an selling them self's. Like your someone's daughter! But its I guess that's normal. I dont pay for pussy. So not the app for me. I paid for a lifetime membership - BIG mistake!

The entire premise of this website is sexist. The company claims it "empowers women" but it does so at the expense of men. Guys, this website is terrible. Women swipe right on men and my guess is dozens of men at a time and then they sit back and do nothing.

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Meanwhile, the guys have to wait until the woman initiates the conversation. This so-called "empowerment" goes against how men and women have been socialized for centuries. ing this site was a big mistake. Do NOT upgrade to a paid membership, but even better, avoid this site like the plague. I was blocked after one day, they wouldn't refund my money. Don't waste your time and money on this site it's a total rip-off. It just keeps demanding I put a picture in but whenever I do, it just doesn't work. Isn't thisnot ?

No one from customer service responded to any of my multiple s and no one ever contacted me. Scam city. Stay the h away! No ph no, refuse to respond to over 9 messages. s dont work, fake profiles, while a paid member, unable to use features as every function doesn't work suddenly once you ! I ed Bumble because I was lead to believe it was for women. I've recently learned that's absolutely not true! If a paid membership man wants verification you are forced to provide a selphie.

Well I'm 47 yrs old woman and selphies is what my kids do. If it is truly the site is about women, why do we have to prove even more? We already have a hard enough time. I'm not taking a darn photo because some stranger demands it! It's another man friendly site, absolutely false advertising! App unexpectedly stopped working IOS. Several s and texts saying they were on it. No responses. Difficult to even find a way to send them issue message. Worst customer service ever. I live north of Phoenix. I don't have any more people within a 70 mile radius.

I've matched with probably 20 people in over a year. Payed for endless swipes and boosts more than once. I seriously don't have any more people within the radius to swipe on. About 5 or 6 actually messaged and only two made it beyond bumble.

I used to have tinder before they banned me for no reason and I think I got matches within a couple months. Bumble is, and will always be a scam.

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Once my membership expires I'm deleting it and never using it again. All I got back was some robotic response saying it's in the Terms and Conditions and can't be rectified.

I'm now going to be in rent arrears due to this, resulting in more stress at an already stressful time. I received no empathy at all. This is how they make their money.

How ironic that a company trying to promote love, lacks compassion and any kind of humanistic response. If I could give them zero stars then I would.

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I started counting how many swipes I swiped, after I realized I was getting zero. I swiped on literally every single female, for 8, swipes and have literally had zero responses. This seems statistically impossible at this point, because I'm good looking and well dressed.

I'm starting to think their "Ai" is discriminating and illegally scamming me because I'm a young White Male. I've sent an to Bumble, and haven't heard anything back. This is sincere truth, and I am extremely offended and hurt by this experience with Bumble.

This review is extremely honest, I have been on the app for approximately six years meeting people in different cities because I had a job that required me to be places all the time. After years of giving Bumble feedback, and them adjusting the app based off of my numerous s and feedbacks Ive come to the conclusion that Bumble is just not suited for women. There have been times where I have reported numerous men who have sexually harassed me, sent racists messages, yet, all of these men were able to create new profiles and recently I saw one this week who was able to re-create his profile as well and match with my friends.

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Bumble banned me for false assumptions that someone reported me as a sugar baby, without even allowing me to defend my case. Keep in mind I own my own business and have never even approached a man as such, yet they always go in the favor of the man. This app is not suited for women, and specifically not women of color or people of color because they seem to justify their decisions of safety based off of race. I have numerous friends who are also of color who have reported the same where their s were attentionally blocked based off of false allegations and the person who reported against them was of a different race and Bumble justified it.