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This story from Mike has been read 5 3 8 8 9 times. Nude Camping Written by Mikeongenre incest My family are all nudists, as far back as I can remember.

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Lola stood.

She reached behind her back unzipping her dress letting it fall to the floor. She stood in her red string bikini. They were enjoying these young girls clothes comming off.

Their bodies slowly been exposed. Niles having the taste of Aprils pussy on his lips. She sat back down throwing her legs over Niles thighs. He held her knees. Her cleavage looking nice. She spun the bottle it pointed to Stella. They french kissed for a minute passionately. Every one cheering as they did.

Lola snatched the card and read it. Niles stood and went into the room with Stella. Stella reached into her bag pulling out a lacy green g string. Niles pulled down his shorts and underwear and his shirt standing naked in front of Stella his cock springing out. Stella admiring his cock. He sat down next to Lola she smiled and kissed him putting her hand in his lap feeling his cock over the see through green lace. Niles spun the bottle.

It spun back to him. Have you ever worn underwear of the the opposite sex? Ok yes. Niles looked at Richy.

He reached over pulling down her top and bikini top to the side her breast falling out. He admired her breast and leant in putting his lips over her nipple sucking it. As Richys tongue and lips pleasured her nipple. A minute later he stopped sitting back. Stella putting her tit away. Sit in the lap of the male to your right for the next three turns. If the bottle points your way for these turns. You both have to preform a sex act on each other of the other players choice. He sat used to his females underwear.

Lola close. What kind if porn did you last watch?. Well it was called. It was all girl on girl.

Nude camping

Im really bi. She spun the bottle. It pointed to Richy. April was relieved.

‘camping’ stories

Remove one item of lower clothing. Richy stood taking off his shorts. He stood in his underwear. His hard cock trying to get out. Stella said as it pointed to April and Niles. Stella whispered to Richy. Richy nodded.

April got off Niles. April knelt over him in a She grabbed his circumcised cock as Niles lifted his head eating her pussy. April pushing her mouth over Niles cock sucking it as she stroked it. Lola lifted Aprils dress up over her arse watching Niles lick and eat her pussy. Richy watching to. A minute later they stopped. April got off and sat back down. Close your eyes. Scroll through your contacts and tell the sexiest thing about to person you land on. She pulled her contacts up and closed her eyes scrolling and pointed to one. So I thought I would get them out for him.

This content appeared first on new sex story. She handed the top to Niles to put it on. She helped Niles tie it up. Lola picked out a card. Chose a item of clothing to take off another player to replace a item of clothing you are missing.

Stella undid her bikini top. Your tits are bigger.

Remove a item of clothing from any player. She looked at Stella smiling.

Camping trip (truth or dare)

She stood and Stella stood. Stella picked up a card and read it. If you could be a sex toy, what would you be? Well I would be a dildo. April picked out a card. Have you had Anal and if no would you consider it. She reached for the bottle.

One sexual thing that arouses you. Well Lola said. I guess having my inner thighs rubbed. She opened them slightly letting him rub her. But I suppose for me. I probably want to have four or five before I get married and have. Stella picked a card. You get home and find a guy sniffing your underwear in your room.

What do you do? A stranger. I will probably fuck him. A family member. I know my brother does. Never caught him. Great she said. Wank the cock of the nearest guy while he takes the next turn.


He pulled his cock out. April wrapping her fingers around his shaft and started wanking it slowly. Richy pulled out a card. Chose a female, she has to strip while dancing removing all clothes she has remaining on her body. You may let one other female player dress in a item of removed clothing. Stella sat up next to Niles putting her legs over his thighs smiling at Lola as if taking her man.