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Carneval sex

For nearly five full days, streets are crowded with people dancing samba, selling snacks, dressing in costumes, and looking for potential romantic partners.

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The beat of the drums resonates down the streets of Rio every year for three weeks.

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Thankfully Barbados is gearing up for Cropover and Trinidad band launches should be starting up at early as July! In the meantime instead of watching the carnival paint dry, we here at lehwego will try to entertain you with fun exciting topics for discussion, like todays topic. This topic came about from the discussion of this photo.

Of course, as you can imagine, there was a firestorm of opinions, mostly negative, about what was apparently happening here. I was in the area and saw photos from other angles. No…he did not lose control and decide to swallow her whole, anaconda style. He was lifting her up, they lost balance a bit and the perspective of the photo just made it look all wrong.

I found it interesting that all the negative comments were directed against the woman as if she leapt on the unsuspecting man while he was on his way to church! The whole furor raised the question of what part sexuality plays in the carnival experience.

Should it have a part to play at all? Of course carnival is about culture and comraderie etc.

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My personal opinion is this. Many men spend the year as quiet Clark Kents, unseen, just another guy in a suit, be it a jumpsuit or 3 peice.

Carnival can be the outlet that a man needs to feel young and vibrant again. For women the same issues can apply…. Do women have mid life crises like men do?

Flirting, lewd behavior and sex at trinidad carnival?

I think so! In the Caribbean and abroad there are many successful women who to some extent need an outlet to express their sexuality. Carnival presents the perfect opportunity for that. Did I mention I love carnival?

Hyper sexual carnival atmosphere has a dark side for rio's women

You see, for those two days during trinidad carnival everything changes. The cultural and societal norms we are used to are literally suspended and new rules apply. What other time of year would that man actually get back a wine from the said woman? Where else would a stush executive who rules her office with an iron fist be seen prancing in a G-string and nipple pasties flinging wine on all and sundry!

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For men the same was true. The one thing I did not find prevalent was sex. No one I asked said they had any. It was all good ole fashioned fun with none of the wild sex that we all imagine takes place in every nook and cranny during carnival who started that rumor anyway.

Trinidad carnival Monday and Tuesday are a marathon of exhibitionism, narcissism, voyeurism and other behaviors that would be unacceptable outside carnival, and you know what…. Thats why many people go!

89 million free condoms at the rio de janiero carnival, brazil

To taste almost absolute freedom, to express a otherwise hidden portion of themselves. The secret is to find your and surrounding persons limits and abide by them. In the end it probably our opinions changing as we become old fogeys.

Think back to when you were 25……was skimpy clothing and Bruk out wining so bad a thing at that age? I am 33 years old, and have been playing mas since I was five. I have been to carnivas all over the world and I must say that in my opinion, as younger generations get involved with carnival, it just gets less discrete. We could play ah mas and get on stink, but bring the decency back in carnival.

I have no problem doing outrageous things, once we do it safe, if is sex— use condoms, if is half nakedness—— walk with a crowd, if is drunk—— have some partnas—- if is driving—- deate. Alcohol might mek mi nice, but never THAT nice! But it makes for great dramatic photography though, i catch ALL misbehaviour as I pass by!

Carnival reveals much about gender, sexuality, and culture in brazil

But since many as you say are professionals and just ladies and gentlemen the other days of the year…you know what they say…real ladies and real gentlemen do not kiss and tell! I agree. Carnival is a time to be loose and free, and while I think that can mean different things to different people… it is all about good, clean fun.

He is in euphoria over the fact that once we step foot in Trinidad, my girlfriends are no longer off limits. But it is all good vibes, because THAT rule is a two way street.

I have girlfriends he can wine on, and he has cousins, friends… and hey…I do not turn down wines from perfect strangers either. The carnival world is my winin oyster! When the fetes end, the boats dock, the costumes and make up comes off, and Ash Wednesday dawns…. Carnival is time to free up yourself.

If you spend your money, enjoy it how you choose to. Besides it only comes once a year and when it done…it DONE till next year at least.

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Where does it fit in? No holds barred You see, for those two days during trinidad carnival everything changes. Where do you stand? Just wondering, no horse in the race either way. LOL When the fetes end, the boats dock, the costumes and make up comes off, and Ash Wednesday dawns…. Comment Name Website Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.