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Filme über prostitution

A frigid young housewife decides to spend her midweek afternoons as a prostitute. Madame Anais : I have an idea.

Die Studie transformiert Ihr Dating-Leben in acht Wochen

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A young girl institutionalized by her abusive stepfather retreats to an alternative reality as a coping strategy and envisions a plan to help her escape.

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When Parisian Elsa gets hung up on her ex, her best friends secretly hire a male escort to help her move on. But their plan works a little too well. Two years after a breakup, Elsa is still obsessed with her ex. But when she meets dreamy schoolteacher Jules, her outlook on life begins to change. After learning the truth, Milou tries to steer Elsa away from Jules, while Charlotte ups the ante by orchestrating a magical second date.

Lilja 4-ever

Elsa comes unglued when she discovers her friends have been hiding big news from her. Milou has a change of heart about Charlotte's scheme. Elsa navigates a dizzying swirl of emotions after her night with Jules.

Matthieu makes a confession. Antoine springs a surprise on Milou. Simmering tensions, unexpected guests and romantic rivalries lead to mayhem at Elsa's 30th birthday party. A moment of reckoning pushes longtime friendships to the breaking point. As a shell-shocked Elsa takes stock of her life, Jules and Max vie for her attention. Matthieu helps Charlotte with a new business idea.

Milou goes into labor, Elsa prepares to embark on a new adventure, and Jules realizes he may have one last chance to turn things around. But guilty secrets take a toll on her love life and her friendships.

Sucker punch

After a blissful four months, Elsa announces her return to Paris. But she has mixed feelings about reconnecting with the old gang. Milou and Charlotte give Max a makeover, Julio catches a big break with his music, and Elsa stumbles deeper into a double life.

When Elsa's lies come back to bite her, she vows to tell her friends the truth. But a surprise bachelor party upends everyone's day.

Prostitution & the art of dehumanization

Elsa begs her friends for forgiveness, Milou dips her toe into a confusing new world, and Charlotte finds her business on the brink of disaster. After the city announces the winner of the barge contract, Elsa drops another bombshell. Meanwhile, a rendezvous turns into a wake-up call for Julio. A sudden revelation brings the whole gang together for a day of celebration, mischief and romantic mayhem.

With their friendship rocked by a secret romance, Elsa, Charlotte and Milou each face up to dizzying challenges and big life decisions. As Elsa channels all her energy into getting pregnant, Charlotte helps Max run for office, and Milou contends with the loneliness of country life.

On a group outing, Elsa and Charlotte begin to play nice — but they each have ulterior motives.

Antoine tries to sabotage the sale of the house. While Elsa and Julio adjust to an awkward living arrangement, Charlotte begins to see Max in a new light, and Milou lands a job with a celebrity. Charlotte decides it's time to rethink her priorities, Elsa embarks on fertility treatments, and Milou wrestles with doubts about the pregnancy. At the country house, Charlotte and Milou try to help Max overcome his alpha male instincts. Difficult news le Elsa to a turning point. Two years later, Elsa and friends look back on the moments that changed the course of their lives — and brought them closer than ever.

Call Netflix Netflix. Watch all you want. Videos The Hook Up Plan.

Episodes The Hook Up Plan. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. Release year: The Secret Plan 26m. The Sloppy Plan 26m. The Booty Plan 28m. The Love Plan 26m. The Party Plan 29m.

The Lame Plan 27m. The Solo Plan 29m. The Exit Plan 24m. The Homecoming Plan 28m. The Llama Plan 28m. The Backup Plan 24m. The Pick-Up Plan 25m.

The hook up plan

The After Plan 22m. The Love Plan 24m. The Wrong Plan 26m. The War Plan 29m. The High and Dry Plan 32m.

The Worst Plan 29m. The Sorority Plan 33m. The Final Plan 23m.

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This "On My Block" spinoff follows a new crew of friends who may or may not have unleashed a deadly curse, kicking off an unforgettable adventure.