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Brian : Now, who do you love? Carey Merton or me?

Anne : I've never met Carey Merton Brian : Then it must be me. Anne : I bet he's fascinating. Brian : I bet he's potty! Anne : I bet he knows how to make love. Brian : Meaning, I don't? Anne : Oh, you're not bad, for an amateur. Brian : I suppose he's a professional? Anne : Of the highest rank. Brian : Hmm. Rank is right!

Anne : You should read some of his books and learn some new ideas. Brian : 'haven't learnt all the old ones yet. Anne : Oh, strange. Didn't your granny teach you? Brian : I scarcely remember. Anne : Dear me, I thought you were quite old friends. I always think of you as grandma's boy. Brian : Just the same, you love me. Brian : You wouldn't promise to marry me, if you didn't.

Anne : Well, marriage is a little old-fashioned, isn't it? Brian : Is that what Carey Merton thinks? Anne : He understands. Anne : Me. Every woman. Brian : Now you're talking absolute rot. Anne : You approve of convention, of course? A man can be free but a woman must be chained.

Well, Carey Merton thinks differently. He isn't stuffy. Brian : He ought to be horse-whipped! And you ought to be spanked. Brian : I'm sorry, Ann. Brian : But somehow this old fossil infuriated me. Anne : If he were old, he couldn't write so beautifully. Brian : If he were young, he wouldn't write so disgustingly.

Anne : We'll settle this, Brian. Anne : We'll call on him and find out. In. He conspires with the author's w He conspires with the author's wife to show the girl how foolish she's been. Director Allan Dwan. Frederick J.

Jackson play Merrill Rogers play Dion Titheradge adaptation.

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Top credits Director Allan Dwan. Photos 2.

Add photo. Top cast Edit.

Kenneth Kove Prof. Hotspur, Dance Teacher as Prof. Hotspur, Dance Teacher. Picot Schooling.

The Blackburn Twins Themselves as Themselves. Allan Dwan. More like this. Storyline Edit. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit.

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Trivia With only 14 years of age, Ida Lupino, got the main role in this sexual-drama movie. Quotes Brian : Now, who do you love? Anne : Do I? Brian : What? Anne : Brian! Brian : How? Connections Referenced in Truly, Madly, Cheaply! User reviews 4 Review. Top review. An unusual combination. This film is based on a stage play. It concerns an engaged woman who wants experience of life as she delicately puts it,before she gets married.

So she decides to have a fling with her favourite writer,George Curzon. His wife decides to play along with the game. However in the middle of this,the antics of Harry Tate. Now this may be tiresome for fans of Lupino but it is a great bonus for fans of the English music hall. One would guess that when the film was shown there were a lot more fans of Tate than Lupino. Interesting to note that fames Amerucan director Allen Dwan appears to have made no attempt to curb Tate's famous booming delivery.

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It is difficult to believe that in no more than 10 years Lupino would become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Her famous mannerisms have not yet arrived. So a real curiosity of a film. Details Edit. Release date December 7, United Kingdom.