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A small-town girl from Nebraska, she is overwhelmed by her co-students. Karen convinces Toby to the university newspaper for extra credits; here she meets Robert Charley Langwho soon develops a crush on Toby. Toby is jealous of her co-students, who live a careless life and are not as affected by the pressure for good marks; Toby constantly worries about losing her scholarship and has difficulty integrating with the other students. While babysitting, Toby meets and immediately falls for Jane's year-old husband Greg Simon Joel Higginsa successful architect who recently has grown tired of his wife after having been married with her for over 16 years. Greg develops a crush on Toby and starts taking her out.

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Jump to ratings and reviews. Want to Read. Rate this book. The First Affair. Emma McLaughlinNicola Kraus.

The first affair

Jamie McAlister has reed herself to the fact that in this job market, her painfully expensive degree might only get her a position at Starbucks, when she suddenly lands a prestigious internship at the White House. Although she doesn't hit it off with the other interns, lockjaws who come from so much money that ten weeks without a paycheck doesn't faze them; she is eager to work hard and make the best of the opportunity while it lasts. An unexpected encounter late one evening with the charismatic President Gregory Rutland seems like just a fleeting flirtation, but when he orchestrates clandestine meetings and late-night phone calls, their relationship quickly escalates.

Jamie knows what she is doing is wrong: he's married, he has kids, he's the President. Yet each time she tries to extricate herself, Greg pulls her back in. With the conflicted desires of the most powerful man in the world driving her to her breaking point, Jamie can't help but divulge intimate details to those closest to her. But she must have confided in the wrong person, because she soon finds herself, and everyone she cares about, facing calculated public destruction at the hands of Greg's political enemies, and perhaps no matter how much he cares about her at the hands of Greg himself.

Chick Lit Fiction Adult Romance More details. Emma McLaughlin 15 books followers. My partner, Nicki, and I have been writing together for 12 years.

We're obsessed by what makes a satisfying story. I'm excited to hear from our readers what does it for them -- and what doesn't. As a working mom, the only book time I manage to steal these days is right before bed.

I'm not the girl who can watch SVU and go to sleep with a smile. The best is when a book makes you feel like you're still talking in the whee hours with your best college friend.

Search review text. Author 8 books followers. This friend Erica has enough problems to cause a psychiatrist to start pounding whiskey faster than he can fill the glasses in the middle of her agreed upon appointment time. Being completely starved for attention, to the point that she would have adopted a pet tarantula if he would just give her a hug, she devoted her time and resources to a completely unattainable man, simply because he had given her a look and possibly melted her thong in the process. The President of the United States POTUS may have made googly eyes at her, but she began to view her life as some sort of fairy tale, where she was Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, all rolled into one big happy family.

But, instead, of rooting for her, I felt sorry for her, and the massive of ensuing missteps that somehow completely enclosed her life.

First affair

Instead of being a likeable character, she had turned into the princess. Brooke, Betsy, James, Greg, Lena, Peter, Paul, and Rachelle all lost my sympathy at some point during the novel, or never had it at all, and I sat back and waited for the hammer to drop on their lives. When it did, I took some sort of sick pleasure in their ensuing half-existence.

None of this is to say this is a bad novel. It was light and airy and breezy like a bag of popcorn, and it filled me up about as well as cotton candy. I received this book for free through NetGalley. Cross-posted at Robert's Re.

Do you ever wonder about the women involved in sex scandals? Do you want to ask them, "What the hell were you thinking? Blame them? Salute them?

Pity them? I'll admit that I was fascinated by Monica Lewinsky. I didn't find Bill Clinton to be particularly good looking, and certainly not hot, but power is the ultimate aphrodisiac thank you, Henry Kissinger, for giving voice to thatso who knows?

Perhaps if I worked with him, I would have been more open to him, sexually speaking. Or any sort of speaking.

Lewinsky was young, and when I was in my early twenties, my taste in men was ridiculous. And so we come to First Affair, which tells the story of a young college graduate's White House internship and the close - I do mean close - proximity in which she finds herself with the President of the United States. Jamie McAllister is fresh out of college and watching all of the money that went to her degree appear to be worthless.

She got an internship at the White House and is singularly unimpressed. Internships don't pay for student loans. Thanks to the kindness of a friend, she's able to live rent free But she is restless and wants a real, paying job. As for President Rutland I'm sure the "rut" part of his name is not an accidental choice on the part of the authorshe of the taint of rumors regarding a pass made at a young woman, Jamie has little to no contact with him.

Until, that is, a chance meeting in the hallway. Their paths cross, and then they cross again. And then they cross with a little more passion. Jamie's affair resembles Lewinsky's in many ways: the physical natures are quite similar, and the scandal surrounding it erupts with the same feral ferocity. Jamie is, remember, young. She is impressionable. She does not have the benefit of much life experience, and her decisions reflect that.

She does not know, for instance, how to choose her friends or how to know whom she can trust. Can she trust Rutland? The romance - and it is a romance - is fascinating. We know why Jamie is attracted to Rutland, and we come to learn why he is attracted to her.

What we don't know is why he risked so much the affair takes place during an election cycle to be with her. We can guess, based on what we know of other powerful men brought down by their dangly bits. Perhaps he felt untouchable no pun intended. Perhaps it is as simple as hubris.

Or maybe Rutland's passion for Jamie was so intense that the threat of scandal and ruin just did not matter. There is quite a bit of intrigue going on here as well. Jamie gets betrayed, and betrayed again.

She comes to question her character judgments, and rightfully so. She is hopelessly naive, but that's what makes her so believable as a character. What twenty-two-year-old woman in love with an older man or any age man, for that matter manages to think straight? She believes in him and she trusts him. She cannot conceive of him ever abandoning her or betraying her.

Yes, there is the matter of Mrs. We don't find out much about her, but there is a photograph of her with her husband that piques Jamie's guilt. Jamie is very much aware that Rutland has a wife, and, like most of us would, she justifies her relationship with him. She occasionally allows reality to creep in, but she refuses to let it take root.

Jamie is wonderfully written. She exasperates us and frustrates us, yet she makes us care about her.

There were times while reading this that I hoped she and Rutland could be together and be happy. Like Jamie, I didn't want to face reality. I enjoyed this book as well, and I had a difficult time letting go of it when I finished. I may not have always liked Jamie, and I may not have always agreed with her decisions, but I was on her side.

She made me more empathetic to the Monica Lewinskys of the world. Thanks to edelweiss for the preview. Published on cupcake's book cupboard VivaAmaRisata. Despite not being a huge fan of cheating in books, I felt myself compelled into reading this story because of our MC Jamie.

I understand how Jamie felt around him, he was a powerful man and he made her feel what another man was never able to do. But to me from the very beginning it was very clear that this relationship did not mean to him as much as it meant to Jamie.

Instead she was fobbed off to another unpaid apprenticeship this time away from the White House and Jamie was told soon after the election, he would sort everything out. Poor Jamie was a complete sucker, instead of listening to her best friend and going back home, Jamie kept running back whenever he called and just kept waiting in the wings. But this time we get to experience first-hand everything falling apart. And it was painstakingly horrible to watch, with people going back on their word, people coming out of the woodwork to get their two seconds of fame, and Jamie not knowing who she could trust.