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Goldengate sex

The Golden Gate sex position is a 69 position so that both you and your man can perform oral sex on each other at the same time. To perform the Golden Gate position, your man needs to lie down on the bed on his back. He then needs to bend his knees and put his feet on the bed to keep himself balanced.

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A sexual position that looks to be somewhat of The Golden Gate bridge.

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The Golden Gate Bridge hum is particularly loud tonight.

I could hear it in our underground garage, about 3 miles away. Can someone explain me why is this eerie sound has been going on for an hour in SanFrancisco presidio sound eerie whatisthis SoFar BingoCard pic.

But — love it or hate it — some time this summer, according to a bridge spokesperson, the engineers will be announcing their plan to shut the sound up. A study done by the agency in showed that the maximum sustained wind speed the bridge was built to endure was Already, it has been briefly shut down three times in its year history by winds gusting to 69mph to 75mph inand But no damage was done.

So the bridge engineers figured the new thinner slats would allow the bridge to withstand sustained mph winds, which the study estimated would only happen every 10, years. Sustained winds of mph would probably come about only in a tornado or hurricane or tropical storm situation, said Warren Blier, a veteran science officer with the National Weather Service.

And neither one has ever been known or predicted to hit anywhere near San Francisco. In the meantime, bridge engineers are determined to come up with a fix for the hum.

At the engineering company RWDI, an hour west of Toronto, a full-size model of a 12ft section of the new railing has been constructed in a wind tunnel about the size of a convention center conference room. Engineers are subjecting it to blasts of various wind speeds and testing modifications to see if they can silence the hum.

The same company tested a model of the entire bridge at an earlier phase, but apparently no one realized the humming would be such an issue. We want to be good neighbors.

But, in this famously opinionated city, not everyone wants to see the hum disappear. One local blogger even made a Golden Gate Bridge ambient sound playlist to help listeners on those sleepless nights when the sound is missing.

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