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Perhaps it was the tail end of the winter woes? In other words, getting back to nature the tropical kindmixed with a little of the unexpected.

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They were kind enough to send us a wonderful picture of Diane walking on a deserted beach for us to put in our 'Your Experiences' section, together with a short description of their stay. This so attracted our interest that we contacted George and Diane and asked if they would be willing to write an of their holiday. They were only too pleased to do so and as a result you are able to read their version of the holiday in Cuba, together with further pictures that they sent. Next morning it was a short local flight to Cayo, about 30 minutes. They had two hurricanes within a month, but no damage worth mentioning, apart from the beach umbrellas and the sand which had been washed out to sea, from our hotel and the east. The west was unaffected.

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Villa iguana

The purpose of this website is to inform you about the options, even if they are not many at the present moment, where you can enjoy an "Au Naturel" stay under the warm sun of Cuba. As we have several websites on tourist destinations of this beautiful country in the Caribbean, it was becoming more convenient for us to centralize into one site all the information about the Clothing Optional beaches of Cuba. For naturists, it is difficult to find in the Caribbean affordable places to enjoy a relaxing stay at the beach without bathing suits, in a peaceful, natural and respectful environment.

Of course, there are the French West Indies, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico, but you must increase substantially your budget, and in many of these places the atmosphere that prevails read: swingers will not please everyone. An interesting fact to note is that Cuban destinations with clothing optional beaches have a high rate of repetitive customers, mainly due to the presence of these beaches and lack of other options.

It is not uncommon to meet people having more than twenty visits to these places. There are several isolated and deserted beaches in Cuba where naturism is possible, but without any services and accommodation nearby.

The purpose of our site is rather to direct you to places that have facilities and services. We are always looking for new development in Cuba. At the moment, Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria remain the two most "Naturist friendly" places, but it would be nice to add other destinations to this short list.

We have visited Cuba so many times, that we found the ideal place apart from Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria for a first naturist hotel would be the former hotel Villa Coco on the island of Cayo Coco.

Nudist beach

A small hotel with a nice private beach Playa Las Conchas isolated from the others on the island. We can always dream! It is important to realize that naturism in Cuba is possible and continues to exist thanks to a policy of tolerance shown by Cubans, but also from the respectful behavior of naturists. This is why it is so important to act responsibly. For those who are not comfortable seeing naked people on the beach, you should opt for other destinations.

These are not naturist and certainly not lifestyle hotels.

Localities in the area

Naturism is practiced only at the beach only at least for now. Please follow these instructions to avoid losing this privilege. Please read the Naturism Etiquette in Cuba. About the Cuban thaw. With the new progressive administration in place, it wouldn't be surprising to see the aftermath of the Cuban Thaw that Obama started in American fellow naturist, feel free to about this topic.

We will answer all your questions. As there are few naturist beaches in Cuba, it is important that you are well informed about the options available to you. We prefer the future American travelers at these destination to be naturists rather than textiles bathing suit lovers. We hope that after reading these s, you will want to discover the freedom of being nude under the sun and especially while swimming in the sea.

Many people have immediately loved the experience and are returning to these beaches every year to relive this sensation. Revisit us to discover what's new about naturism in Cuba.

Please do not hesitate to if you have any recent information or comments about naturism in Cuba.