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The device has a sealant provided with leakage material distortions during the pressing of a sealing housing, so that a seamless adjustment of a seal on a leakage is performed. The seal housing is adapted to pressure conditions so as to seal leaks due to shape, texture and material thickness.

A pressure is applied to the seal housing, such that mechanical pressure is reduced and the pressure prevailing in the seal housing is increased, so that the sealing material is pressed into the leakage. The sealant utilizes an elastomer and plastic materials. Oftmals verbunden mit Materialverwerfungen und hervorstehenden scharfen Ecken und Kanten.

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The term seals are understood in the art as prefabricated components such as rubber or plastic parts, hemp or Teflon, which prevent the escape of gas or liquid between the connection of two matched components. After accidents, z. As in the railway, in traffic, in shipping, in industry and in the home, occur on containers leaks, the geometry of the resulting holes are completely irregular. Often associated with material warping and protruding sharp corners and edges.

The following text describes a sealing option with the technology of which such leaks can be effectively counteracted.

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The entire technique is based on high speed and ease of use and is therefore the commonly used technology, such as those used in the fire departments and the Navy, for example. The invention can save human lives, prevent environmental damage and protect high assets from loss. For example, the sealing of a ship's wall from the inside of the ship after a collision, grounding or shelling is very difficult, because the mechanical forces which caused the leakage, material flash around the leakage in the ship's space protrude whose shape and size are unpredictable and unpredictable.

What the geometry of such a damaged hull can look like is only calculable from a comparison of several accidents. In an accident on the rail, on the road or in industry, containers are often severely deformed, with holes or cracks at the deepest point of deformation, from which dangerous substances can escape. The sealing with conventional materials, rubber mats, foam articles or wooden wedges are largely insufficient due to the bulky environment of the leak and the amount of time very high, which increases the risk to the persons located at the scene of the accident.

The mechanical forces between the seal and counterpart of such conventional sealants, such as rubber, foam mats and air bags, with the shape dictated by the manufacture, are always focused on the highest point between material war and sealing material and therefore allow a uniform distributed pressure between leakage and sealed Material over the entire surface to be sealed not to. Um derartigen Leckagen wirkungsvoll und schnell zu begegnen, wird eine neuartige Dichtung vorgeschlagen. To counteract such leaks effectively and quickly, a novel seal is proposed.

The seal is suitable both for combating the escape of liquids, eg. This seal consists of a pyramid or of a truncated cone-like on the bottom, so the leakage facing side inside hollow sheet metal or plastic housing. In the flanks of the housing incisions are made on the entire circumference, approximately up to half the height of the side surfaces.

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If mechanical pressure is exerted on such a body from the top, then the side surfaces may curve outward, reducing the height of the sealing body, increasing the base area and decreasing the volume. The ends of the side parts are provided with a small radius so that no flaring of the sealing body due to the mechanical pressure exerted on the top no Verharken the sheets with the opposite side. Sie werden von der Dichtungsmasse praktisch aufgenommen.

Wird zur Abdichtung eines Schiffes mit ca. Die Leckage wurde links und rechts von 2 Magnetstempeln mit je 16 Neodym-Magneten umstellt. For the purpose of sealing the entire sealing body is filled with a kneadable plastic, slightly elastic viscous mass and pressed by means of a pressure plate which is adapted to the surface of the truncated pyramid, with mechanical forces on the leakage.

When pressing the seal material distortions are first pressed into the seal body. They are practically absorbed by the sealant.

As soon as the seal housing touches the wall to be sealed around the leakage, the pressure on the housing is further increased and its volume is reduced by the deformation of the seal housing. The resulting pressure in the interior of the housing wraps around the entire surface of the defect and presses the sealant against the existing cavities between the sealing body and leakage. Deformation of the housing produces complete contact between the sealing material and the leak to be sealed. Excess sealant can escape laterally through the incorporated in the sealing body groove-Einschnitten.

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The seal used must always completely cover the entire leakage from its dimensions and have a sufficiently large overhang from the diameter, so that the seal is secure. The height of the seal housing must always be about twice as high as the highest expected material dislocations. This is necessary for secure compression and deformation of the housing to occur without the material distortions contacting the top of the seal, which would prevent further compression of the seal housing.

When sealing with objects with dents, z. The pressure that can be controlled with such a technique depends on the properties, the toughness consistency of the sealant used, with which the seal housing is filled and the nature of the seal housing, the sheet thickness and the incisions introduced at the flanks.

If it is expected to seal a ship with a draft of approx. To seal a 76 mm diameter bullet hole, a gasket of mm length, mm width and a depth of 85 mm was used. The material of the seal housing consisted of 1 mm thick stainless steel sheet. The entire sealing body was filled with a plastic sealing cord from Henkel of the Terostat 7 type.

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The edges of the leak had distortions of about 4 cm. The leakage has been changed to the left and right of 2 magnetic stamps, each with 16 neodymium magnets.

The forces of the magnets were transmitted to the seal via a linkage. In case of escaping water with a pressure of approx. The entire apparatus was started with outflowing water. After 48 seconds, the leak was completely sealed. The magnetic bases can also be replaced by a tilting anchor spring-loaded dowel which is pressed into the leakage and whose retaining rails are spread by spring forces.

The assessment of the situation to be found in each case must decide which type of fastening is the most favorable in each case. Als Dichtmasse eignen sich z. Elastomere, Silikone, plastische Kunststoffmassen, Knet- und Kittmassen. Stand der Technik: State of the art:. Um die aufwendige Technik zu umgehen, wird vielfach versucht, mit Holzkeilen, die in die Leckage hineingeschlagen werden, die Leckage abzustellen.

Auch zementartige Kleber finden Verwendung. In the navy and inland waterway vessels, leaks in the interior of the ship are still sealed with wooden pegs, wedges and sealing mats. The necessary mechanical support points are usually transmitted from squared timbers, which is generated before the leaks by wedging between the hulls. Also used are hydraulic supports and the well-known Lecktuch. Likewise, attempts are made to containers and boilers, held by tapes, which must wrap around the entire circumference of the defective object, inflatable objects, such.

Air bags to press against leaks. In order to avoid the complex technology, it is often attempted to stop the leakage with wooden wedges which are knocked into the leakage.

Numerous practical tests have shown, however, that the wooden wedges, even when hammered with great force, can only reduce the leakage. The material wood, by its structure is not suitable to adapt to the geometric structure of such in practice caused by an accident, completely unpredictable situations.

Various companies offer shot guns with which metal anchors are injected into the steel with the help of rubber seals are screwed over the holes. Cementitious adhesives are also used. However, these can not be attached to flowing fluids.

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Die Erfindung und ihre Vorteile: The invention and its advantages:. The purpose of sealing the leak described is not permanent repair of the defective items. The quick and easy repair can save lives, prevent environmental damage, reduce production losses, make waterways and shipping lanes faster to drive after accidents, and thus minimize costs.

Anwendungsgebiete: Application areas:. Device for sealing leaks with an elastic or plastic sealant in a deformable seal housing, characterized in that incurred during pressing of the sealing housing to a leakage material distortions are absorbed in the sealant and a seamless adaptation of the seal on the leakage is possible. Device for sealing leaks with an elastic or plastic sealant in a deformable seal housing, that on the sealing housing exerted mechanical pressure reduces the volume of the housing and thereby the pressure prevailing in the housing pressure is increased and the sealant is pressed into the leakage.

Device for sealing leaks with an elastic or plastic sealant in a deformable seal housing, characterized in that the seal housing can be adapted by its shape, texture and thickness of the pressure ratios of each leak to be closed. Device for sealing leaks with an elastic or plastic sealant in a deformable seal housing, characterized in that the elastic properties of the elastomers used and the deformability of the plastic materials used can be adapted to the pressure ratios of each leak to be closed. Device for sealing leaks with an elastic or plastic sealant in a deformable seal housing, characterized in that the seal housing is matched by its shape, material thickness and nature of the introduced on the flanks cuts so that a pressure corresponding to the expected stability between the seal housing, Sealant and pressure conditions at the leakage is met.

DE DEA1 en Device for sealing leaks with elastic or plastic sealant in deformable seal housing in e.

DEA1 en. DEB en. DEB2 en. Process for the rapid elimination of damaged areas on lines by means of replacement pipe sections and replacement pipe sections for carrying out the process. EPB1 en.

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Device and method for producing columns of material in the bottom of bodies of water. DEC en. EPA2 en. Detention magnet seal for walls of e.

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