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It's an erotic sexual horror story. It includes described scenes of graphic sex including breeding, anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on.


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ABC Followers Updated. Ich bin eine ehrliche Person, die ein ehrliches Feedback gibt. Ich lese sehr gern und habe eine sehr gute Rechtschreib Language teacher. For translation to turkish or editing turkish stories AkashArash 1 Followers. Editor of sorts.

Like stories containing adultery and exhibitionism. Available for providing feedback, sharing ideas and enhancements within 90 hours. TrebZzaj 2 Stories. Lasst mich euch helfen, wenn ihr Hilfe braucht. Ich bin zwar nicht perfekt was die Kommasetzung angeht, aber inhaltlich kann ich euch sicher behilflich sein. Native level of English and German. Only proofreading. With your story give me the lyricsmaster.

Breeding slut stories

A female editor from India. I had many stories posted here.

I can help people with good editing skills. Only serious writers contact me. I dont charge any fees no Gora 10 Followers. I have interest in editing. I have a good knowledge about it. Incest and interracial Stories are my preferences. I am also okay editing Erotic couplings stories a LisaRH 4 Stories. Bei Interesse einfach melden. Vielen Dank. I would love to be an Editor for your Story. Not a native E English educated guy, read a lot, including classics, have a good grasp of English with brevity as the hall mark of a good story. Fully retired engineer, who enjoys reading erotic literature.

Would love to assist in editing any story for spelling, syntax, lexicology, punctuation, etc. Aholcombtx 1 Followers. I have excellent grammar and a creative mind! Trying to improve at writing, and I quite frankly have way too much time on my hands. My Swedish is alright but I'm not native so some idioms and sayings will fly Majolara 12 Stories.

Show me what you've got - i'll se whats going wrong and tell you all about it.

I have a strong interest in erotica in Marathi, Hindi, and English language. I thoroughly enjoy writing and editing good erotica in Marathi, Hindi, and English.


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