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This app makes it easy to manage your LiveJasmin directly from a mobile device. Models will have to manually download it from LiveJasmin and install it.

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LiveJasmin is the one premium sex cam site in the world. LiveJasmin blows the competition out of the water in terms of video quality, customer support, and overall user satisfaction. While every other cam site lets just any broad register as a model, this site has higher standards. As you browse through the ample selection of sex chat rooms, you will see that they are all HD. The girls work with a p HD camera or better if they want to keep broadcasting here.

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Streaming from your mobile can give you a great opportunity to reach out to your members in an even more intimate way by letting you extend a personalized experience, your imagination is key to building a unique, creative atmosphere. This means more flexibility in streaming, and more options to build your image on LiveJasmin, a quick and easy initial access with only a few important requirements, while still having room for a wide variety of improvements you can apply to your mobile streaming to elevate the experience to new heights.

Please check detailed Technical Requirements for going Live from Mobile. To stream the right way, your phone must face you the right way. For example, if you are streaming while laying down on the bed horizontallyyour phone needs to be laying down on its side as well landscape mode. And if you are streaming standing up verticalyour phone needs to be standing up as well portrait mode.

Remember this simple rule, and your fans will enjoy your Mobile Live streams more than ever before! Below you'll find all the information you need to create an amazing streaming experience for your viewers from the necessary policies to keep in mind all the way to the best technical setup you can work towards.

How to go cam2cam on livejasmin

Go to livejasmin. Easy Wiki. s Blog. Child s. Mobile LiveJasmin. Live from Mobile.

Browse s. A t tachments 18 History People who can view. Welcome to Mobile Live! Tips and Tricks. All you need to do is to download the MC Messenger app to your phone, log in and go live. What are the initial requirements to use this feature?

Livejasmin mobile app for users (installation, tips, review)

Principles for being online from Mobile: Respect the already established site rules and policies Don't show any explicit or provocative content in Free Chat. Watch out for your positioning towards the mobile's camera, your face should be clearly visible. It takes a bit planning to get it just right.

Keep your look and room glamorous Environment : When streaming from home keep your environment clean and tidy, be streaming from the bedroom or the kitchen. Streaming from an unsuitable environment isn't allowed.

Guide to cam 2 cam on livejasmin

Appearance : Do not look messy. Always make sure that your outfit, make-up and hair is done and you are ready to appear in front of your fans. Being able to go online from mobile opens a lot of further possibilities, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't look your best. Check how to improve your appearance here It is not allowed to go live while driving the car Tips and Tricks To stream the right way, your phone must face you the right way.

Do strive for variety: Move around a lot, show your viewers your home or the neighborhood you live in while keeping unregistered people out of the livestream of coursebut also hold cozy nights from time to time, where its just you, your bedroom and your viewers.

Do engage all your viewers in your stream and to also focus on what they would enjoy seeing and hearing, while it might be pretty relaxing to have the freedom of mobile streaming in your hands, it is important to make your members relaxed too. Do prepare your surroundings and plan out your stream before starting, so you can adhere to the rules and also have a planned out stream, that will provide even more entertainment for both you and your viewers!

Do make sure that your technical setup is adjusted and sufficient before each stream, while webcam streaming usually does not require much maintenance when it comes to technical elements, a mobile stream is more demanding in that regard, so for the best experience, have a list you can go through before each session.

Examples to avoid

Don't go to crowded places or visit your friends intentionally while you are streaming, unregistered people are still a no-go for mobile streaming. Don't lose focus from your stream. While it is quite exciting that you can be flexible with your chosen streaming location and do a lot more things with just a mobile phone in your hand, don't get too distracted from your viewers, since you are all here to have a great time together.

Don't rub your fingers across your microphone Don't allow jewelry like rings to tap against the phone.

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The appearance of a Model is not in line with site requirements. The Model should prepare her hair, use make up before going live.