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When you have a problem you need fixing, these are the guys who are there to help. Take a look! Romain: This depends on each individual case.

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PlanetRomeo Romeo Tech. Say hello to this week's MeetTheRomeo, it's drzoidbergwho has been traveling in America recently but can usually be found in Berlin, Germany. This international beauty is a fan of comics and cartoons. Check out his massive wardrobe in the picture. If he were living in our closet, maybe we'd still be in there.

Why not send drzoidberg a message today? His smile is dazzling, but he can often be seen posing with a grim pout. Both smile and grimace are irresistible. Wonder which look he had when Trump met the Belgian Royals? Think bloped is the Belgian for you? Why not send him a message today?

This cute young Romanian just loves his rainbow color umbrella and as it's almost Pride season we wanted to share this pretty pic with all of you. Is he the guy for you?

There's only one way to find out. Send Cris a message today and see whats at the end of his rainbow.

The year-old Latino is a fan of foreign tongues and speaks three languages, but is he the linguist for you? This Hungarian hunk likes Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting. Oh and he's also looking for a man to share his life with. Blue eyes, a full beard, and a hairy chest, how is this guy single?

Think BeardMuscle is the one for you? Send him a message now and get this party moving!! In his own words, "Hello everyone, I am Alberto, and I'm here to live new experiences. I like reading, traveling, growing as a person, accomplishing my purpose and creating change in the society. What about you? This cutie has mastered the sweet but sexy selfie and has lips so lush they demand to be kissed. Are you heading to Riga? Drop malfoy88 a message and raise the temperature in Latvia this summer.

The year-old German is a nice and kind guy, looking for the same. He has a cuddle pig called Gerhard. Want to find out what this actually means? This handsome year-old likes a nice smile, sincere guys and he loves a great sense of humor. Check out his profile to enjoy a whole selection of this Hungarian babes photos.

Think boyfiu22 is the one for you? He also loves cycling, running, and spending time with animals. If you fancy a hike in Austria this summer, maybe sas can show you around his favorite summit. Why not reach out and touch his Vienna today?

His profile is Monster but you can call this handsome guy Mario. Why not send Mario a message now and find out what he means when he says Monster!

This handsome young man is a fan of tattoos, books, and black clothes. He's an active guy who enjoys nights out with friends and weekends hiking in nature. This handsome man speaks 5 languages; imagine what else he can do with that tongue. Well traveled and a fan of all kinds of food, this guy is an ideal date. Send him a message now to get things started. This year-old lover is a fan of fashion and looks great in electric pink.

Wanna warm up with rara? Send him a message and get downward on his dawg! Jrm68 speaks two languages, French and Body so feel free to send him a message in the language of love. Voulez vous coucher avec moi? This handsome hunk looks great in hiking gear see profile and has bags of sex appeal.

If you visit Budapest this year, make sure you send estrildidae a message. If you're already there why not contact him right now? He loves to travel and experience new cultures. Like all the best millennials, antanancho loves taking selfies for social media.

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Start the New Year right by sending a message to this handsome Bulgarian now. The year-old handsome traveler, lives in Warsaw right now, but loves to travel all over Europe. Kamikazeee enjoys sports, from biking to rugby and he describes himself as a guy with a big heart. The year-old athlete is looking for someone with a nice smile, kiss and dream to share his bed.

Fancy an outdoor adventure with this Romeo? Send him a message today. Arkanum loves to surround himself in colors that bring light and meditation into his life. The best kind of colors are people and the best kind of drug is a hug. Is Arkanum for you?

Reach out and message him now! You can find this handsome writer in Berlin. He also loves the vibe of Berlin and its creativity. Want to write yourself into his story? This tall, handsome German is an open-minded Romeo, looking for fun. He has some really sexy jockstraps and wrestling outfits, but also looks really hot in a decent shirt. Want to check out his equipment? This year-old guy is the whole package, an art lover, who can celebrate life like the best of us, but who also appreciates the quiet moments in life.

His wishes for the future are to travel, spend time with good friends and to meet a great man in life. If you fancy a date with a hot Austrian, loveandothers is the guy for you. The year-old Romeo has brown eyes you could drown in.

At this point in his life, he's ready for love and would like to meet someone special. Think you fit the bill? Send cityBitch a message today. As an artist working mainly in photography and writing, Cig-smoker appreciates beauty. He is looking for a guy who can give him the respect he deserves. A guy who will treat him with the level of kindness and support that he knows he can give back. Is this the guy for you? Send a him a message today and find out.

Say hello to this athletic and hairy Romeo from Germany. He describes himself as just a normal guy who likes sport, music and good cooking. He likes to keep it simple and is attracted to guys with beards. Are you the man for him? If so drop him a line to arrange a date! Meet this week's Romeo living in Sofia, Bulgaria!