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National sex day

National Sex Day is whatever you make it. Lovey-dovey or fuddy-duddy. For those not making it, it can be a time to remember fond intimate moments with a loved one.

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National Today. Sex is a primal instinct that no living species is alien to. It has existed since the beginning of time and is what continues the circle of life. Although sex has existed forever, it was in India that the act became viewed as artistic and sophisticated.

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People have sex for many reasons — pleasure, stress relief, curiosity, attraction, affection, commitment, love, or to make a baby. Take aside the bad, many good things can come from having sex if you practice good sex habits. So why should we not celebrate it? millions of people worldwide who celebrate these days!

Mark your calendars with the sexiest days of the year. Yes, there is a national sex day — and many people take this day to experiment in their sexual lives and talk about living a healthy sexual life. National Sex Day is the day to release your inhibitions. Here are three suggestions of what you can during this day:. There is some judgement surrounding sex toys — which you should totally not consider.

Sex toys are scientifically deed to amplify your sexual pleasures. You can use it alone or with your partner. With sex toys, you can hit the right pleasure points without exerting much effort. It can get really exciting and powerful.

It's the perfect day to go out of your comfort zone and try new sex positions.

For sure, even just once in your life, you've seen a "what seems to be an uncomfortable" sex position in movies? Or you possibly heard one of your friends' stories about doing this position with his or her partner. This day is the perfect time to try and see for yourself if it will sizzle your insides or you should just stick to your favorite sex positions. At least you now know! No partner to celebrate National Sex Day with? No problem — just up on the best casual dating sites and find yourself a safe partner for a one-night hook-up!

Most members of these casual dating sites are discreet and won't shame you for getting a date to celebrate this day. Along with this unofficial holiday, there are A LOT of calendar days that celebrate sex! Starting off the year with Sex in the Shower Day! Treat yourself to some safe fetish today — alone or with a partner!

You can in celebrating this day only if you work from home! On February 14, women are sent flowers and gifts to make them feel appreciated. A month later, men like to feel appreciated by taking them to a steak dinner and giving a blowjob after. Plus, it supports breast cancer awareness.

As a female response to Steak and Blowjob Day, this other satirical has been created.

Pucker up: today is national sex day

On this day, women are supposed to eat cake and receive oral sex from someone else. Send nudes! National Horny Day is the day to send tingles to a prospective partner.

Take out your best pair of lingerie or if you can, buy a new pair to surprise your beau. Feel sexy all day and be ready to be ogled at during the night. The month of May is dedicated to celebrating masturbation. Although this is unofficial and only coined by some fanatics, May can be a month to release your stress through frequent masturbation. Take the time to have a hot make-out session!

Have you ever fantasized about having sex outdoors? Well, this could be the day to try it out.

National sex day and calendar days of to celebrate sex

Go somewhere where few people passers-by. Most scammers take advantage of this day to steal hearts and money! National Sex Day falls every June 9th — and it's the day to get extra kinky in bed! Dedicate some time today to spend some hot quality time with your partner! Nudity Day is probably the day when the of sent nudes skyrockets.

Nudity is best celebrated by sending nudes to the people you trust.

But this time, sex Kama Sutra style is celebrated. Kama Sutra requires your and your bodies to be in the same contorted positions. Ever gone out from your home without wearing undies?

6 fun ways to celebrate national sex day on 6/9 (besides the obvious)

Lots of girls do it. International Kissing Day is every July 6 of the year. Women, stretch those arms cause if your man knows about this day, be prepared to get a handjob request. An unofficial sex holiday, July 24 is dedicated to celebrating BDSM by taking part in erotic practices or roleplaying. Experiencing an orgasm can be life-changing. International Swingers Day is celebrated every 2nd Saturday of August, which is why the date may vary.

This is the largest day of celebration for swingers and is mostly celebrated by clubs throwing a huge lifestyle party and convention. On this day, you can see women running across the park without their top on — gender equality, girl power!

Observed every September 4 by countries all over the world, World Sexual Health Day is dedicated to raising awareness for sexual health. Some organizations conduct talks about practicing safe sex during this day. If you want to bring your game up, why not learn a few massage tricks online? Happening every October 6 of the year, Kink Day is an unofficial holiday to find out and explore the kinky side of your sexuality.

You can do it alone or with your partner — just remember to get consent and be safe!

This day is meant to appreciate and embrace your booty. Flaunt your backside today. Happy National Ass Day! On this day, activists and enthusiasts learn and share stories of fisting, make videos of fisting and try fisting with a partner. Sex toys have gained popularity and acceptance over the years — and rightfully so! This day is celebrated by experimenting with sex toys. Some make videos of identifying them, sharing their use, or showing how to use them to get maximum pleasure. Every December 22, the world celebrates Global Orgasm Day.

Global Orgasm Day has a more profound mission than that, believe it or not.

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So, if you want to the celebration of Global Orgasm Day, get an orgasm while thinking of peace. There is a stigma surrounding celebrating sexual acts and mostly all other things related to it. However, we like to believe that sex is good and beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health — that is if you practice safe sex and if you have consent from your partner. There are so many calendar days to celebrate sex. And it would be fun to in some of the celebrations.

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National sex day timeline

Here are three suggestions of what you can during this day: 1 Experiment with sex toys. Celebrate National Sex Day with like-minded people! Find a hot partner. Calendar Days of that Celebrate Sex. No partner to spend National Sex Day with? Find a date from these casual dating sites: Ashley Madison.

National sex day

BDSM beginners and veterans, wanna intensify your kinkiness in bed? One person not enough? Thousands of people are looking for a steamy night. Check them out: Ashley Madison. Turn away from the stigma and celebrate sex!