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Since the relationship drama and slashings take center stage in the series, the sheer amount of sex throughout the first three seasons might have slipped through the fingers covering your eyes. Super problematic, but kinky nevertheless. From public sex to orgies, the humble bookstore clerk-turned-family man has quite the sexual appetite.

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Sex scenes in the world of anime are not solely confined to Hentai. Even shows that may initially seem innocuous can suddenly surprise you with the most graphic scenes.

Anime shows, like all the other mediums, try to use sex scenes to either lure a young male audience or to add depth to its characters. But if we compare it with other similar anime that involve a whole lot of fanservice, it is certainly better.

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Also, for the most part of it, the nudity is censored, due to which it only becomes borderline Ecchi. In one of these scenes, Erza, who seems to have some sort of sisterly love for Natsu, takes a bath with him.

Somewhere between all of its gory fight scenes and profanity, there is a sex scene that features Baki and Kozue. But there is one scene that catches you completely off guard. Considering that he is not even human, seeing him getting involved in a sexual situation is surprising in itself.

2. season 1, episode 4: the postsecond joe

This scene plays a major role in portraying the demonic side of Sebastian. A lot of times, he might come off as a pretty good demon who helps Ceil fight crime. It features a character named Nina Einstein who is shy and quiet on the outside, but deep inside, she has quite a maniacal mind. She even des a weapon of mass destruction all by herself and later tries to countermeasure it.

In episode 12 of season one, there is a very controversial scene where she stimulates herself using a table.

The disturbing nature of the scene has sparked a lot of hatred for this part of the anime and even the character. It happens during the initial moments of season one and despite its short runtime, it actually holds a lot of ificance in context of the plot. Yamashita Kazou, a frail year-old man, is one of the two main protagonists of the series.

He has a very dull personality and his insecurities often reflect upon his docile body language. Tokita Ohma is the other main character of the anime who is the perfect embodiment of an alpha male. When Yamashita spots him for the first time during a street fight, he gets so excited by his alpha male vibes that he later goes and has sex with a prostitute.

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But this scene shows how he starts a transformation towards resurrecting his lost manhood after her meets Ohma. Asuna invites Kirito for a sleepover and after a while, she turns off the lights and magically takes off all of her clothes.

She then asks Kirito to undress while he just sits there in absolute shock. The scene then abruptly comes to an end.

Even in the manga, there are no direct implications of sex between the two characters, but they are shown in the same bed at the end of the same sleepover. Whatever the case may be, Asuna either has the wrong idea of what a sleepover truly is or Kirito is just a fool. Almost throughout the series, she is portrayed as the kind of character who does really let out her inner-self.

Shinji, the main protagonist, ends up losing his entire physical being after being absorbed into the cockpit of Unit By this time, Misato is emotionally invested in Shinji and her concern for his well-being completely makes her lose all hope.

To deal with this, she has sex with her old college lover, Kaji. Getting back to the sex scene, it depicts how her coldness towards him was actually just an act and how she still emotionally relies on him in many ways. In a brief moment, as a viewer, you can also notice that Kaji drops a birth control pill on her dresser.

This brief scene is enough to show how well written the entire series is. It revolves around a bunch of female characters who are obsessed with gambling and even explicitly compare it with sex. The show depicts an intense gambling atmosphere where the stakes are high and it almost recreates the highly glamorized atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino. In an intense atmosphere like this, sex appeal becomes necessary.

Not just one scene, but there are several moments in this anime where the female protagonists get turned on by the thrill of something as simple as a coin toss. This not only makes the anime more entertaining but also makes its characters more believable. But compared to its visual novel, the anime really holds itself back with its portrayal of sex and nudity.

So all this was basically to refuel Saber before their battle. The two main characters, Akira and Ryou, go to a Sabbath which seems like a harmless teenage rave. But soon, the whole place is dusked upon by hungry demons who wildly attack everyone.

There is another scene where a character named MiKo, a shy schoolgirl, touches herself when she thinks about the alpha male image of Akira.

1. season 1, episode 1: joe watches beck

This scene does not have any nudity but the weird noises she makes while doing it makes this one quite memorable. And not to mention, she gets possessed by a demon soon after this. Updated January 3, Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit .

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