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I admit it: I'm a serial monogamist. Since I can remember, I've been in a series of serious relationships that follow pretty quickly one after the other.

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Ohlala, with its quirky almost French-sounding name, blends everything you normally see in a dating app with the twist that men are paying women for the dates. Ohlala works by allowing male users to create profiles and fill out paid date requests, which include duration 30 minutes, an hour, etc. The person must be looking for a date within four hours of placing the request. All active female users see the request, and they have 21 minutes to respond.

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Ohlala review january

What sets OhLaLa apart from the other hookup apps? Men pay women for dates. This alone was enough to entice us into ing so we can bring you, our loyal followers, this OhLaLa app review. Paid instant dating, that is what OhLala prefers to call the service that it offers. If just the thought of such a service makes you cringe, then it is obvious that OhLala is not — and most likely never will be — for you.

However, if you are single and open-minded — then OhLala has the potential to be a useful hookup tool for you. Having limited coverage in the U. In its present state — if you are in New York or in Germany and you want the closest thing to a "sure thing" that you can find online, then OhLala will serve you well. Different people have different reasons for using online dating and hookup apps.

Ohlala app review — getting an edge by paying for dates

For some, it is seeking long-term romance. For others, it is for something more casual. When you add to the mix different outlooks on life, different wants, different desires, different lifestyles — online dating takes on a very diverse appearance. Before we continue, allow us to clarify — by paid dating app we are not referring to a service that charges a monthly membership fee.

We are talking about an app which purpose is to bring male users together with female users for the purposes of a paid date. Certainly, a lot of questions are brewing in your head right now. Is this legal? Is this promoting prostitution? How does it work?

How many members are in your area?

Precisely to answer those questions and many more, we conducted a full review of the app that is attempting to become the pioneer in online paid dating. It is known as OhLala. OhLala started as a dating app known as Peppr in Germany in From its inception, its intent was to provide a platform for paid dating.

Init revamped its operating model and rebranded itself as OhLala. Up untilOhLala was only available in Germany — a country which coincidentally has legalized prostitution. In the early part of that year, OhLala entered the American market.

From what we have been able to ascertain during our testing, the app offers coverage only in New York City.

OhLala is a mobile-only app. As of mid, it is only available for iPhone and iPad devices. It is available as a free download and does not require a membership fee to use. The basic operating model for OhLala requires both males and females to register by providing a valid address, selecting a username and password, and ing a personal profile. This profile includes details about your physical attributes, personal comments about yourself, what you are looking for, the maximum distance you are willing to travel, and profile pictures.

Ohlala, the app that lets you pay for dates, is coming to the united states

Up until this stage, it sounds pretty routine — very similar to the majority of other dating apps out there. Once there, the user experience will be different for men and women. Men are greeted by an invitation to fill out a paid date request. These requests must include the duration of the date they are seeking — this can be as short as 30 minutes, or as long as the entire evening.

The one dating app where everyone's crystal clear

The man must also post the budget that he has for his date. In other words, how much he is willing to pay for the date. It is important to note that when posting a request it must be for a date that is to take place within 4 hours. You cannot be planning ahead on a Tuesday for getting a paid date for the weekend.

The app claims that immediacy of action is essential to keep the app fresh and engaging. When women log into the app they get a completely different user experience. Women see all of the paid requests that have been posted on the app by men within a reasonable radius of their location. Women are only given 21 minutes to respond to these paid requests. This means that the paid requests that are shown are always fresh and active. Men cannot browse through the profiles of female members. Likewise, female users can only look at the user profiles of males when they have active paid date requests.

Once a paid date request has expired — or has been filled by another female member — his profile is no longer accessible until he posts another paid date request.

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Keeping in mind the delicate nature of this app, in our opinion, this confidentiality of user profiles is a good thing. It keeps your profile from being circulated openly and only exposes it to those that have a genuine interest in hooking up with each other. The communication feature between two OhLala members is only activated when a female member decides to respond to a paid request from a male user. That communication is handled via the apps internal online chat module.

On there, the members can discuss details of the paid date request. These would normally include the final amount to be paid for the date, the exact time and location for the date, and any other special details.

OhLala only functions as a platform for people to meet. It does not act in any way as an intermediary for any implied commercial transaction between its members.

I tried a dating site where guys pay to go on a date with me

Neither do they charge hookup commissions. In fact, there is no way for female members to be guaranteed that the male user will, in fact, have the money that he offered for the date.

By extension, this implies that most payments would take place in cash. Ohlala App Review. Get the App. More Hookup Apps.