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One piece transe

So I'm a transgender man, I've been out for a very long time and I've been a huge fan of one piece since I was. I've had a difficult relationship with how Oda has written trans characters but I still think that overall there is a very positive message in characters like Bon Clay or Ivankov in that they are celebrated for being genuinely and openly themselves.

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With June now into the swing of things, pride is at a high for the LGBTQ community as they celebrate their self-love and identities. Of course, this means queer media is taking a step forward, and One Piece fans are lifting up Yamato in light of the celebrations. After all, Kaido's kid openly identifies as a man, but a special anime cameo has the fandom defending Yamato after their gender identity was put into question online. The whole situation began in light of Yamato's big anime debut. The hero was shown ever so quickly in the anime's newest arc. As you can imagine, fans were hyped for the shotbut the cameo lacked any context of Yamato's gender identity.

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The offspring of Kaido is set to arrive in the anime adaptation of One Piece as the War for Wano continues, but another swashbuckler is seemingly receiving some interest as their gender identity has been revealed.

One Piece itself hasn't been shy about adding transgender characters to its roster over the decades and it would seem that the character known as Morley is one of them. The idea was made public when One Piece surfaced online with new Vivre Cards.

The publication shared a lot of new info about our heroes including Yamato, and the cards even seem to say Kaido's child actually identifies as a female rather than male. But in Morley's case, the character does refer to themselves as trans in the Vivre Card.

What gender is yamato from the one piece franchise?

According to translations from newworldarturthe Vivre Card specifically labels Morley as newkama, and this phrase has been used to describe other transgender characters in One Piece before. The term is understood in Japanese to identify a person who is transgender or even non-binary if gender fluid isn't appropriate for the case.

In Morley's case, their Vivre Card goes on to further define their gender, and it says "she has the heart of a maiden" despite "having the appearance and voices of a middle aged man. The Vivre Card goes on to label Morley as trans by he pronouns and flavor text.

The pirate uses the female pronoun "atashi" when talking about themselves, and Morley also talks about men as if they were in a separate group from herself. All of this evidence points of Morley identifying as trans, and the are far from the only One Piece character to address their gender identity.

As mention, Kiku did so awhile back, and others like Ivan and Bon Clay preceded the pair years ago. What do you think of this new detail?

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