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This conference takes as its starting point the need to explore how sex which involves forms of commercial exchange can be understood within broader cultural and social contexts. More specifically, it invites an examination of prostitution, its shifting meanings and governance, by focussing on the contested intersection of activities deated sex, the intimate sphere, and activities deated labour. Tenacious social and cultural norms have been, and continue to be in place to maintain a net separation between the spheres of sex and intimacy on the one hand and labour, money or market on the other. In this field of enduring tensions, laws and policies are increasingly used to control, discipline and punish prostitution as a troubling encounter between sex, intimacy and commerce. Whilst the application of the law itself is not new, what appears to be shifting is the body of values, norms and beliefs that inform the regulation of prostitution.

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By Sian Boyle for the Daily Mail. By day, Anna is an year-old law student, studying diligently in the musty libraries and ancient halls of one of Britain's most venerated universities. By night, her life is very different.

Most, she has said, 'are fascinated with how you live your life as a student'. Though she ranks among her generation's academic elite, Anna is part of a growing band of university students turning to sex work to fund their education. You might expect universities to take a dim view of such dangerous work. Surely, many would argue, it is the job of these establishments to protect their students, concern themselves with their welfare and focus on providing them with the best education possible.

A poll of 3, students claimed that 4 per cent of British students were using sex work to fund their courses.

Stock image. As schools across Britain face allegations of allowing a toxic 'rape culture' to flourish, and as dozens of young women come forward to share their stories of sexual assault and violence at school, many might see it as a bitter irony that these same young women are now entering universities that appear to have endorsed prostitution as a means of paying for studies.

Earlier this month Poppy Coburn, an undergraduate at Cambridge, wrote on the website UnHerd that many of Britain's most respected academic institutions are 'taking on the role of pimps', adding: 'Whether the student's future profession will be that of a doctor or an 'e-prostitute' is of no consequence. Ms Coburn condemned it as nothing short of 'a helpful how-to guide to get into the sex trade'.

Far from offering university staff advice on how to steer students away from prostitution, the 'toolkit' instead exhorts lecturers not to 'assume the student wants to leave sex work'. As Coburn writes: 'There is something unsightly about universities plunging [their] students into debt while holding up [sex work] as a valid choice for financial aid.

While the publication is, ostensibly, intended to protect student sex workers and ensure that the university is an 'inclusive, respectful, positive and safe environment', others see it as misguided attempt to 'empower' young people — mostly women — by condoning prostitution as a valid means of earning money. Troublingly, this was double the fromaccording to the Save The Student website. Ranging from glamour modelling to prostitution, sex work is defined as the offering of sexual services, directly or indirectly, for money. While soliciting sex in a public place, kerb crawling and keeping a brothel are all illegal, selling sexual services in a brothel, escorting alone, 'web-camming', sex chat-lines, stripping, glamour modelling and pornography are all legal.


A poll of 3, students last year claimed that 4 per cent of British students — almost one in 20 — were using sex work to fund their courses, while one in ten say they would do it in a 'cash emergency'. With a total student population of 2. Among these student sex workers, 28 per cent said they had slept with someone or escorted, while 71 per cent had sent intimate photos, web-cammed or sold images of themselves on clip-sharing subscription sites such as OnlyFans. Youngsters can make hundreds of pounds a month on these sites relatively easily by selling pornographic images and videos of themselves.

Separate figures released last year also showed thatstudents are now ed up to the Seeking Arrangement website looking to be 'sugar babies' — typically accepting money or gifts from wealthy older customers in exchange for intimacy.

Indeed, the overwhelming motivation for the rise in student sex workers is said to be financial — and it's easy to see why. Many students might have ly relied on casual part-time work, such as in cafes or bars, to make up the difference, but the pandemic has devastated the hospitality sector.

As a result, sex work — which is quick, has reliable demand and can be very lucrative — has become all too popular. However, it comes with serious risks. Students who escort face a real and constant threat of violence, rape and even murder, while those who use web-cams or sites such as OnlyFans potentially face a lifetime of blackmail, 'revenge porn' and stalking.

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Which makes Leicester and other universities' apparent encouragement of the oldest profession all the more troubling. Newcastle is among universities to have published a formal policy on student sex workers. This publication claims it is a 'reality' rather than a serious welfare problem that 'some students may be sex workers or may be considering taking up sex work'.

Other student unions have been even more accepting of student sex-work than official university guidance allows, airbrushing the risks in what many see as a misguided effort to be more 'accepting' of prostitutes. Last year a member of Cambridge Students' Union distributed flyers at its annual conference which made the controversial assertion that 'not all sex work is abusive'. In JuneBristol's student union pledged to 'challenge the stigma attached [to] sex work' and said it would 'lobby the University to take an explicit non-exclusionary stance towards students who work in the sex industry', as well as distributing information packs on campus.

Goldsmiths, University of London student union claimed in that 'sex work is work. InEdinburgh University's student union averred that it would 'take a zero-tolerance attitude towards whorephobia, and place whorephobia in its safe-space policy'.

A study in seediness: it's a disturbing contrast - just as schools are tackling a toxic sexual culture, woke universities are supporting sex work for their students and even accusing those who object of discrimination

The student unions at UCL, York, Manchester, Plymouth and Sheffield Hallam have all supported sex work in recent years, echoing a briefing from the National Union of Students which offered 'solidarity with student sex workers'. That same year, the student union 'freshers' fairs' of Sussex and Brighton universities went one step further — even hosting stalls for the Sex Workers' Outreach Project Sussex Swopwhich handed out free condoms.

While Brighton made it clear that it 'does not promote sex work as an option to students', Professor Alison Phipps, who lectures on gender studies at Sussex University, thanked the charity for its 'great work'. While Brighton made it clear that it 'does not promote sex work as an option to students', the student union 'freshers' fairs' of Sussex and Brighton universities hosted stalls for the Sex Workers' Outreach Project Sussex Swop.

She insisted: 'Swop provides support and care for students selling sex, and to suggest they are promoting the industry is ridiculous. Oxford's student union has resolved to 'campaign for the full decriminalisation of sex work' and to be 'led by sex-worker organisations, such as the English Collective of Prostitutes'.

We have heard from many students who were convinced their particular university lacks a sorority because of local "law."

Ina masters student who also worked as an escort told Oxford's student newspaper, Cherwell, that the university could be doing more to support her, saying: 'It's an incredibly dangerous type of work to be involved with. In the past I have felt threatened and at risk with clients, which has caused ificant mental and emotional obstacles.

The University has the capacity to protect and support all of its students — even invisible minorities. She is just like Anna, the year-old law student who has slept with over men, and who was one of many who spoke to Professor Christopher Morris, of Falmouth University, for a BAFTA-winning film on life in student prostitution.

On campus, student sex workers live in fear of being 'outed', expelled and unable to access healthcare. Another described how she was 'outed as a sex worker while doing my PhD and it turned my life upside down'. Her friends deserted her while her academic supervisor began to sexually harass her in secret.

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A third described how she too was outed at university and faced a disciplinary hearing and expulsion for bringing the institution into 'moral disrepute'. She said: 'I thought: 'You want me to escape sex work but then in order to punish me for doing sex work you are going to remove the only opportunity I have, my degree, to escape sex work.

As these testimonials make clear, the nature of this work can be devastating. But by suggesting that any attempt to steer students away from the work is 'whorephobia', many British universities seem to be failing students. York University's Sex Work Research Hub, which is co-chaired by academics from the universities of Leicester, York and Kingston, University of London, lists 'sexual exploitation' as one of its main research areas.

And yet, almost ironically, the same 'hub' also offers a chilling 'Student Toolkit' for youngsters considering this work. If you must go to a client's house, it continues, 'pay attention to all exit routes and quickest ways out', 'take shoes you can put on quickly in case you have to run', 'check for laptop screens or if there is a camera running', and 'if attacked, leave something behind you can be identified by'.

All well-intentioned advice, no doubt, but the question is whether it would be better still to encourage students away from sex work altogether. Universities UK, which represents British universities, said in a statement that it 'recognises the financial hardship many students have experienced, particularly during the pandemic, and are providing increased financial and other support. A spokesman added that universities 'encourage legal, healthy and safe behaviours and support students to make the right choices'.

Leicester University said: 'Nationally some students may decide to undertake different types of sex work for a of reasons, and this is a reality that universities across the country have had to address. Our priority remains the care and wellbeing of our students. Nevertheless, many students feel that universities should be doing far more.

For some, the damage has sadly already been done.

As one woman, who sold 'fetish' pictures of herself online as a student, told the BBC: 'University was horrific because it pushed me to that work, which is so unfair. I will always be bitter about it. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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