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Tantramassagen berlin

Discover a unique mobile Tantric massage service in Berlin. Enjoy a slow, sensual and spiritual massage that will leave you rejuvenated. Tantric Massage Berlin is a luxury Tantric massage service based in Berlin.

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Dear Mariathank you for the soothing and relaxing massage. With your empathy and friendly charisma, I immediately felt welcome. Above all, I noticed that the relaxation effect quickly sets in as a result of your intensive body contact-related massage, but it also continues to be soothing after the massage. It's like a getaway without the need to travel far and the weather is always sunny! A beautiful massage from a very sensitive woman. It was just a dream to be with you!

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Since we have offered Tantra seminars and massages in our wonderful lounge — now we are taking a creative time out for the first time.

It is the time of a new beginning. The lease for the rooms in Berlin-Moabit expires in August, and the political circumstances send clear als.

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For the time being, we no longer offer massagesand we may be looking for a new massage studio. In we will reorganize and focus more on seminars and trainings. In the future we will rent seminar houses, so that we no longer have this immense cost factor and financial pressure as before.

By the end ofthe new seminar agenda should be online.

We are looking forward to the new time and to you! All dear and sunshine in Your life. Dajana, Amano and Lydia.

A Tantra seminar is the time of the senses — we open doors that give you insight into a world full of love and mindfulness. Our tantric events address different topics, for you as a seeker of touch, humanity and warmth, if you want to do a massage training or all together.

Since we accompany people with all our experience and professionalism at our events. Due to many feedback from our guests, we can say that we enjoy an excellent reputation also internationally.

Sometimes more than half of the participants in a seminar are returning guests who visit us several times or even regularly. There are now a wide range of providers worldwide who have different approaches and philosophies. Most institutes work therapeutically — we prefer to go another way: energy instead of therapy!

A warm welcome!

At our seminars you are as welcome as a single as you are as a couple on a common path. Varied tantric group exercises, meditations and breathing work bring you back in good contact with your body. In our beautiful rooms we have space for max. An authentic tantric or Tantra massage is a wonderful massage ritual based on ancient sciences such as Tantra and Taoism.

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But also sexual bodywork and modern Sexual Therapy have left their foot prints. We would like to expressly point out that our tantric massages have nothing to do with prostitution or conventional erotic massages, which focus on sexual acts.

There is no mutual massage exchange or other sexual services such as sexual or oral sex. There are lots of other offers on the market for this!

Mindfulness and respect, welcome and devotion, worship and acceptance, presence in the here and now — the tantra massage reflects the essence of tantra in every facet. According to Taoistic philosophy Lingam and Yoni similar to the feet and ears possesses reflex points, which when stimulated have an effect on the corresponding organs. This is not only sensual, but healing as well. Meanwhile the Yoni Massage is admitted by modern Sexual Therapy. Much is written about it, and even more talked about it.

But if you ask somebody what he knows about tantra, you get as many different answers as people you ask. In Tantra, everyone can find what they are looking for! Tantra in its original concept is a science of consciousness that uses special ideas, exercises and techniques. The origins of Buddhist tantra go back to Gautama Buddha.

Buddha brought meditation to humanity, and meditation seeks the highest consciousness. Thus, it is clear what Tantra is: being conscious. Tantra is rebellion — rebellion against the ancient Brahmin cults, rebellion against religion, rebellion against the prevailing opinion and the establishment, rebellion against morality and doctrine. Tantra rebels against everything destructive, against the compulsive and dull.

We are glad you are here.

That was dangerous at all times, then as it is today. There were times when the Tantrics had to retreat to inaccessible regions of the Himalayas.

Most of the existing texts were destroyed by the British during the colonization of India. This meets the modern spirit, who has little in common with rituals, asceticism and discipline.

Tantra workshops and seminars

The original tantra, which is based on Buddhism and Hinduism with its diverse world of gods and mysticism, is barely palpable for western people and he is quite incomprehensible to them. The Neo-Tantra could be regarded as an update to the original teaching.

It is interwoven with our modern science and psychology and has predominantly therapeutic ificance. Founded inthe Spiritual Tantra Lounge has become one of the most renowned Tantra institutes in Germany. With much love and commitment, we have created a small oasis in the middle of Berlin, which offers a beautiful and spiritual space for our events and massages.

Here you are welcome and you can feel completely comfortable! Most Tantra institutes work therapeutically.

We prefer to go another way: energy instead of therapy! This is often like a liberation, free from heaviness and deep psychology. Very popular are our Tantric massage seminars and training for professional or private use.

Tantra Workshops and Seminars A Tantra seminar is the time of the senses — we open doors that give you insight into a world full of love and mindfulness. Tantra Massage — a sensual tantric Ritual An authentic tantric or Tantra massage is a wonderful massage ritual based on ancient sciences such as Tantra and Taoism. Tantra Video.