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You are a man in the best age, successful in your job, in your neighbourhood, vlt still in the club, known and respected in your village or district? A respected person? Maybe a teacher or civil servant, maybe a spry old man?

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I do not care haha. You jerk off as I want and I make you victim show horny. You want to show me your dick you want to make him hard and you want to jerk off for me. You do not care about anything, a young thing lets you jerk off old sack and show when it wants hahahaha.

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I don't blame you who can't stand this divine sight again? But today it is not about your satisfaction you little egoistic failure and you will not inject immediately after 2 seconds. You will only watch this hot clip, where you can see what you don't dare to look at in real life Ich zeige dir immer wieder tiefere Einblicke, und mache Dich ungewohnt scharf! Was ich im Sinn habe ist Dich zu melken und zwar vom allerFeinsten! Du bist eine dreckige Spermafotze und kannst nicht genug davon bekommen das widerliche Zeug zu schlucken.

Es zu schlucken macht dich fast geiler als einen Orgasmus zu haben, richtig? Spiel das perverse Fetisch Spiel mit mir!

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Nimmst Du die Herausforderung an? Yeah, there he is in that pvc suit he loves so much.

But he loves it even more to get something to sniff from me. It always makes him uninhibited. Let him have it Nice inhale through the mask he may before I start to play with his tied cock. I also wear a horny Pvc suit and my rubber riding boots here Oh yes, his cock holds it today not very long to endure the mixture of blows and jerking hand movements and simply squirts off in my hand Today the mistress has some humiliations on the agenda for her slave. As a special humiliation, the slave will receive a special "shower" today. Afterwards, he will certainly think very differently about "showering".

The announcements of the last few weeks should, slowly, be implemented. As before, the slave is not yet able to blow her lover's cock deeply. The deepthroat training is expanded. Work also urgently needs to be done on the anal qualities. The anal training is expanded. A multi-part story that shows how a disobedient little wanker becomes a very good and absolutely docile slave.

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As the mistress says so beautifully A seductive blonde sits on your couch and wants YOU! She wants to entice you. Your hard cock pops out of your pants. Do you want to feel her lips on your glans? Naaaaaaw, now come back to reality!

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You will be painfully aware of this at the latest when she pulls out a penis plug. You can't watch normal porn because it's so far from your reality that even your imagination can't get your dick hard! You need real loser porn, like this clip here! You need a superior mistress to tell you what a pathetic jerk-off slave you are, how to jerk off your dick and how ridiculous you look doing it! I'll count down now from 10 to 0 and we'll let your loser penis cum! Today is the "day of use" again.

Always a day of mixed feelings for the slave. On the one hand, he is allowed to get out of the chastity belt and, after many weeks of chastity, can have an orgasm again, on the other hand, the mistress then forcibly demands that he come to orgasm several times. After the second orgasm, he is usually so overwrought that every further action on his cock means real agony.

Sometimes the mistress torments him with more orgasms for so long that it only means pain. While the slave suffers and always has to get ahead, the mistress is having a good time and uses the slave extensively for her own pleasure. Only when she is completely satisfied and he has suffered enough does she let go of him. I receive daily requests and wishes for the most diverse fetishes.

Also in this case a fan wrote to me whether it would be possible to give me these special rubber gloves, to then record them in videos Today my object is milked with the gloves and a lot of oil from me All the sauce is spread on the black rubber. I like it, it's fun for me The mistress has a new device and will drive her slave to maximum performance this weekend.

The "leak training" goes into the next phase and for this she uses her slave's fear of electricity. The dilator drills deep into the slave's cock, the mistress enjoys playing with the fear of her slave. During this weekend he will be punished by electricity in multiple units to improve his licking skills. Mercilessly, the mistress turns the control higher and higher until she is completely satisfied with the performance of her slave An instructive and painful weekend for the slave, once again he has to satisfy the mistress several times under duress, while he is denied any pleasure.

When saying goodbye, the chaste is locked again unsatisfied in his KG with a broad grin and he has to recognize that each of the announced measures is being followed up consistently. As long as the mistress is not completely satisfied and she rates "all areas" of his service as "perfect", she has no reason to allow her property to have an orgasm A multi-part story that shows how out of a disobedient little wanker becomes a very good and absolutely docile slave.

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Ready for a jerk and spray challenge? In my hot vinyl outfit and my wonderful boots, I bring your dick and your synapses to a boil. Halfway through the clip you won't be able to do it anymore, but then I'll really get started. It will milk your little slave cock properly. Can you follow my instructions? Be honest with yourself and enjoy every minute of this brainfuck. Today the mistress does a particularly mean and persistent tease and denial with her slave. At first she makes him hope that he may cum today and makes him a bit horny by presenting herself provocatively in front of him while he shines her latex outfit.

Then she fixes him very firmly on the bed and works the tail, brings the slave to orgasm again and again, only to stop shortly before then. The lust of the slave is increased to its pain limit. The mistress does it with relish with the children's dildo and rides the face of the slave, the Magic gives her great pleasure today. A little sadism and a lot of unsatisfied lust is what the mistress has planned for her slave today.

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