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Epidemiological studies were conducted in the Lake Langano area in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia to determine the occurrence of schistosomiasis and assess factors involved in its transmission. Microscopic examination of faecal specimens from free ranging Papio anubis anubis baboon troops from Bishan Gari and Burka Dita forest reserves revealed Schistosoma mansoni eggs with a prevalence of

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Anubis was the Egyptian deity of cemeteries and embalming as well as the protector of graves.

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A Tuareg youth ventures into trackless desert on a life-threatening quest to find the father he remembers only as a shadow from his childhood, but the spirit world frustrates and tests his resolve. For a time, he is rewarded with the Eden of a lost oasis, but eventually, as new settlers crowd in, its destiny mimics the rise of human civilization.

Implication of papio anubis in the transmission of intestinal schistosomiasis in three new foci in kime area, ethiopia

Over the sands and the years, the hero is pursued by a lover who matures into a sibyl-like priestess. The novel concludes with Tuareg sayings collected by the author in his search for the historical Anubis from matriarchs and sages during trips to Tuareg encampments, and from inscriptions in the ancient Tifinagh script in caves and on tattered manuscripts. In this novel, fantastic mythology becomes universal, specific, and modern. Ibrahim al-Koni Translated by William M. Hutchins Upon the death of their leader, a group of Tuareg nom in the Sahara Desert turns to the heir dictated by tribal custom; however, he is a poet reluctant to don the mantle of leadership.

Forced by tribal elders to abandon not only his poetry but his love, who is also a poet, he reluctantly serves as leader. Whether by human de or the meddling of the Spirit World, his death inspires his tribe to settle down permanently, abandoning not only nomadism but also the inherited laws of the tribe. For al-Koni, this Tuareg tale of the tension between nomadism and settled life represents a choice faced by people everywhere, in many walks of life, as a result of globalism.

He sees an inevitable interface between myth and contemporary life. Fiction in Translation. A desert retreat inspires the group to select a leader at random, but their choice, it appears, is not entirely human. This interloper from the spirit world proves a self-righteous despot, whose intolerance of humanity presages disaster for an oasis besieged by an international alliance. The railroad workers and their families live in the low-income housing of el-Masakin, along the Mahmudiya Canal, but some of them take us on forays into the other, cosmopolitan Alexandria, whose European denizens, mainly Greeks, Italians, and Jews are departing in droves.

This spellbinding novel teems with memorable characters, not a few of whom are themselves storytellers: a budding novelist writing about el-Masakin and its eccentric denizens and about his own improbable love affair with a year-old girl; a spice merchant dreaming of the bygone glory of his ancestors and their trade along the spice road, beginning on the Malabar Coast; a train guard who is a teller of very tall tales; and a would-be filmmaker trying to make a film showing what happened in Port Said during the war.

As in his earlier novel, No One Sleeps in Alexandria, Ibrahim Abdel Meguid here combines historical fact with fiction, and the mundane with the fantastical, to weave an engrossing, multilayered story of stories. Clamor of the Lake begins with the appearance of an old fisherman of unknown origin sailing a black boat.

Taciturn and enigmatic, he takes on a woman and her twin boys. While he gives away nothing about his past, his undemanding companionship prompts the woman to narrate her turbulent life. But when the waves cast up a chest that speaks in a language no one can comprehend, Gomaa is haunted by its voice. Eventually, they too will be haunted by the siren song of the lake. Kamal Ruhayyim Translated by Sarah Enany Egyptian Muslims and Jews were not always at odds.

Offering an intimate yet panoramic view of the easy coexistence of Muslims, Jews, and Christians in an old neighborhood of Cairo, this sweeping yet personal novel, spanning the s to the s, accompanies Galal, a young boy with a Jewish mother and a Muslim father, through his childhood and boyhood in the vibrant popular quarter of Daher.

Betool Khedairi Translated by Muhayman Jamil Absent tells the story of Dalal, a young Iraqi woman living with the childless aunt and uncle who raised her.

Dalal and her neighbors try to maintain normal lives, despite the crippling effect of bombings and international sanctions resulting from the first Gulf War. By turns affectionate, wry, and darkly comic, Absent paints a moving portrait of people struggling to get by in impossible circumstances. Tightly crafted and skillfully told, Absent is a haunting portrait of life under sanctions, the fragile emotional ties between individuals, and, ultimately, the resilience of the human spirit. Look Inside Anubis.

Hutchins A Tuareg youth ventures into trackless desert on a life-threatening quest to find the father he remembers only as a shadow from his childhood, but the. English edition pp.

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Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Free Download WordPress Themes. Download WordPress Themes. Download WordPress Themes Free. About the Author S. Ibrahim al-Koni. Ibrahim al-Koniwas born in Libya in A Tuareg who writes in Arabic, he spent his childhood in the desert and learned to read and write Arabic when he was twelve.

Inhe received in Cairo the Arab Novel Award and dedicated the value of the prize to the children of the Tuareg tribes from which he originally hails.

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