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I am a recently retired military flyer and I wish to relay a tale of an incredible adventure that I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing while traveling abroad. Only now, after I have left the military do I now break my silence to bring you my personal experiences for obvious reasons.

One particular stop over, Pattaya Beach, Thailand, will forever remain in my mind as the single most exciting and erotic in all of my travels, and one which would radically change the course of my life. This particular stop was my fifth, and sadly, final chance that I would get to browse the Thai hooker bar scene.

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This flight began like any other, a 10 day jaunt across the Pacific, with one of the stops a brief 36 hour crew-rest that put the crew and I into U-Thapao AB, Thailand. Read the full post…. Hey ya all you TLB readers. Let me present you a fascinating and arousing post by Robert, a guy who discovered the new delicious world of sex with a tgirl for himself.

I never had anal sex or had a penis in my mouth, I have all my life been a very straight man, married, had children and monogamous. It was the most confusing moment time in my life.

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An excellent story by our reader Marcus, who paid hefty price to fuck a gorgeous celebrity domme, but it happened the other way around. Many years ago I paid a fortune for a one off session with Christy Mc Nicol the famous Australian woman at her studio in Brisbane.

I can recall the session well. With some nerves at the time she put me at ease. We started talking over what it was that I wanted, no money had changed hands at that stage as she interviewed me basically. In those days I was a non smoker and I recall that I detested the habit. When she lit up I had no qualms at all, she was so feminine and just regal really.

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She asked me a range of questions and what it was that I felt at the time. She wore a black PVC get up similar to what she wore in a scene I saw recently on a porn movie. Just below the knee boots which complimented the mood she was in I suppose.

I was in Bangkok recently on dental tourism, its just way cheaper to get major dental work done there and its top class treatment. But anyway, over the three trips to see the surgeon I had noticed that there was a vibe from this nurse who worked for the dentist. After the last treatment, I had a wait of 5 days to go back for a final checkup before heading back to Aussie. Pon asks me on the Friday afternoon what I had planned for my few days left in Bangkok, all I could say was look at a few bars and do some shopping.

I agree in a nano-second and think there maybe something in this. We met at my hotel about 7. I opened it and she strides in and I must say out of that white uniform she was stunning.

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I gave her a beer and excused myself to go and shower. Once cleaned up and dressed I found her on the balcony, she is on her second beer and surprise, surprise she is smoking sitting in the sun lounger. I grabbed a beer and ed her. In fact she made the first move. I only have this to say about dating a T Girl! I have been seeing her and dating her steady since then! She is the most sensual and sexual person I have ever known! The first time we met…she gave me a blowjob I will always remember! And about two days later we had intercourse!

It was the best sex I have ever had…until we met again! We have been fucking bareback ever since. I have to tell everyone here. She was my first T Girl…and it was the best sex ever! I sucked her ladycock the first time we met…but when we fucked bareback…i really into sucking her ladycock and she said I do it so well!

I have to say…I love the feeling of her jizz jetting into my mouth! To feel he spasm and fuck my mouth like it was a pussy!

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She was so turned on. When I came, we were both in the standing position. We have fucked over 30 times since then, and she never makes me wanting! I jizz in her! She jizzes in me! I will say this…even though genetically she is a man…i have never seen her anything other than a woman.

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Her and I will get married one day! I love my Asian ladyboy that much! This is about him exploring the earlier unknown side of his sexuality with his beautiful pre-op friend Mimi. You have not had sex until you have taken a well hung shemale with a full pair of tits bree you like aslut in heat whilst you are wearing ultar sheer lingerie nylons and stiletto heels. I am a western guy living in Jakarta. About 4 years ago a pre op friend of mine was at my place for a weekend.

She has an incredible figure 34D 25 38 and incredible legs. Late on the Sunday after noon we were lounging on the patio when she suddenly leaned over and kissed me. The sensation of her full lips brushing mine felt electric and my responce was immediate and hungry. No woman ever fired me up so fast and I wrapped my arms around her neck and was moaning into her mouth as her tongue drove me wild.

Today our dear reader Marc tells us a story about how he met his first and the only transsexual lady in life. Way back in I was a poor student in New Zealand, my first year at Auckland Uni and going it alone in terms of study fees and books. I put up with the pain for so long until me sister suggested I call a friend of hers called Jenny.

Jenny was what we call in NZ a School Dental Nurse, all kids are entitled to free dental treatment until they reach I had met Jenny several times over drinks at parties, her and my sister were close friends. I actually liked her and found her quite attractive, a little aloof, very smart as well. I mean she was after all a health professional.

So I called Jenny and she agreed to see me and examine my sore molar. However it had to be done after hours as she was well outside her contract rules in seeing a poor 19 year old student. On this particular day I pulled my old clunker Toyota up outside the school dental clinic in Auckland at about 5. She used to get ridiculed by her friends at clubs and pubs as a dental nurse who smoked.

She greeted me outside the clinic with a peck on the cheek like an old friend and joked that this was going to cost me a night out at the pub.

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This is a guest post from our reader, Richard In Houston. An awesome shemale story to read, if You ask me! I was separated from my first wife the first time it ever happened to me. We had only been separated for a few weeks. I was working in New Orleans and was driving around the French Quarter in my car when I whistled at what I thought was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen as she approached the entrance to a club on Toulouse street. Perfect breast, perfect legs, slim waist and just a beautiful living doll that I doubt any man could resist. I was just as surprised when she looked at me and motioned for me to park and follow her into the bar.

The place was packed as I expected it would be and I walked around the round bar where I could still see her as I ordered my beer. Enjoy reading!

Well as an openly gay Lesbian woman submissive as I say a long way indeed. My friend in Bangkok, Soo is a beautiful, articulate, and an intelligent woman who like me shares a delight in certain fetish interests. Those being latex, smoking on the right occasion, rubber gloves, KY and enemas. A typical session with my lover Soo has me pandering to her every need and enjoying her hospitality in her well appointed Bangkok apartment.

Her father works for the government and seemingly keeps her in the lifestyle she has become used to, or in other words out of the public eye. My last trip to see Soo a few months back was the best yet.

I have always loved anal sex, never from a male lover though. In fact I have never slept with a man yet. My lasting memory was of us dressing each other in tight but not restrictive red latex and thigh length boots, red as well. The makeup was exquisite, lippy, mascara and nail polish to die for. Before we got down to brass tacks we talk of each others desires and what we expect of that particular session, normally over some lowering the inhibition level red wine that I take from California on my trips.

I maneuvered my car through the heavy traffic of west London. I was on my way to see Keliana, the love of my life and the most beautiful woman in the world. Work had kept Keliana and I away from each other for the last two weeks. Longing to see my darling lent urgency to my trip. Keliana and I had planned to have a late dinner and well we would see where the night would lead us. I jumped out of my car and bounded up the stairs.