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I'm currently working with bluetooth devices, specifically a glucose meter, I'm having trouble getting the measurement from a specific device, which is Verio Flex. I don't understand which byte to write in the notification. It seems like the ESEL guide is a bit outdated, because the guide is tailored to an older version of the official Eversense app.

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The Parakeet is a portable home-built device which receives wireless als from a commercial continuous G4 glucose sensor worn on the body. It transmits these over the phone network to a private or cloud internet server. It does not work with the later G5 and G6 transmitters. The Parakeet is primarily deed to allow parents and carers to be able to monitor the blood sugar of a diabetic child even if they are a long distance away, for example, carried in the pocket of a school bag. Using multiple Raspberry Pi silent mini-computers combined with Wixel receivers we can achieve blanket coverage of the whole house. It is no longer necessary to carry a CGM receiver or remain in range of one when at home.

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Heart-rate and step counter data is processed from Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit and Pebble smart-watches and watch-faces for those that show glucose values and graphs. On some Android Wear watches, it is possible for the G5 or G6 to talk directly to the watch so it can display values even when out of range of the phone.

The app contains sophisticated charting, customization and data entry features as well as a predictive simulation model. Instant two-way synchronization is possible by linking follower handsets, data can also be ed and downloaded to a Nightscout web service or ed directly to Tidepool, MongoDB or InfluxDB. Customization allows for different options to configure alarms, vocalize readings, change the display preferences etc.

International users can update translations from within the app too. Your data is yours and can be exported in many different ways.

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